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SPECIAL EDITION for Family Engagement Coordinators

September 22, 2015 Vol. 1/SPECIAL EDITION

I'm sitting here in Herndon with the whole National FAST team talking about what we can do to best serve your schools, your families and, especially, YOU! I hope you feel hugged because this week is being spent working for you and those people who matter most to you. So, why a SPECIAL EDITION?

I wanted to be sure that you were aware of this important Learning Coach University series that is beginning tomorrow! See below. Gary Smith is a fabulous presenter, our parents/LCs have always loved him and his content is imperative to success. This is an important topic to share, because we all know that managing behavior in the home is ALWAYS a pressing topic.

And not to miss an opportunity...there are other goodies in here for you as well. Enjoy!

Just Staying Connected,
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Behavior Strategies for Learning Coaches Series

Taught by Someone Who Cares and Understands
In this three-part workshop, we’ll explore strategies for working with your children, reducing conflict, and
helping your students make better choices. At the end of this session, you’ll receive tips to try at home and
an opportunity to follow-up and tell us how things are working.
You can do this, and we’re here to help!

Gary Smith, EdD has been in the field of education for 38 years and has
had extensive training and experience working with parents and teachers
on instructional strategies, program development, and positive behavior
supports. He has been a classroom teacher, a principal, a consultant, an adjunct
professor, and a director of programs for exceptional students, both gifted and
students with special education needs. He has been with K12 Inc. for 13 years
and currently works as the director of quality assurance and accreditation.
Join us for the Live Online Sessions:
4 PM (ET) - 3 PM (CT) - 2 PM (MT) - 1 PM (PT)
September 23
October 7
October 21

This is the site where your parents can register for Learning Coach University sessions like this one.

Tool to Share

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This tool makes creating short videos easy and fun. Screencast-O-Matic allows you to create videos up to 15 minutes long with no program to download to your computer. You can even use free hosting for your short videos. We know that smaller, asynchronous videos are hit more often than longer videos or BbC recordings, so you might want to take a look at this tool.

School Culture Anyone?

We know that Engagement and School Culture are closely linked. If one is positive, then the other will likely also be. has a great downloadable PDF that I've pulled over to the FAST section in Sharepoint. Click on FAST on the left sidebar and then choose Family Engagement Coordinator Resources from the lists in the center.
INSIDE this document you'll find two things that you might find food for thought:

Eight Ways to Build Positive School Culture Now

Smart Approaches to Building Positive Relationships With Parents


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I love that so many of you have taken the time to remember that 5 Minutes Matters!
Here's a what LuAnn Charles of UTVA has hanging in her space!
Send me a picture of YOUR 5 Minute sign and maybe yours will be posted next!

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freedom writers interview
Everyone needs some now and then. This will take 3 minutes. Seriously. Watch.
What are you doing to give kids a second chance?

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