Appearance - Module Nine

March 24, пятница - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

Что делать в пятницy?

Today, on Friday, we are finishing to talk about appearance and family - Module Nine Appearance.

What is due this week?
(you have until the end of day Sunday to submit)

  • Late work from previous weeks: check your grades and submit any late work you have not turned in.
  • Prominent Russian person Assignment located in Module Nine Lesson Three.
  • Module Nine Lesson Five - Week 9 quiz (our family story). This quiz is based on the story below (also located on the page before quiz in the module)
  • Many of you asked for a bonus assignment to improve your grade. There is a bonus opportunity this week. Read the "Learn" section below.


Reserve your spot on our tour to Italy or Russia Registration is online, link below. If you have questions call/text me.

Spring break time is coming

Several students have already asked. NCVPS does not have Spring break. This means our conversation sessions and modules will run as usually. What do you have to do if you have plans? I will be opening modules and you can work ahead or catch up when you get back (if you have plans). You need to notify your coach and teacher when your Spring break is. I will excuse you form conversation sessions that week if you can not attend.

Reading: Family and Bonus

Practice reading the story below.

Use this ScreencastOmatic recording to practice reading.

Bonus opportunity (10 points): record and send to me via Inbox your reading of one of the passages below. The reading has to be smooth, with nice pronunciation. You have to practice before sending to me. Bonus will be given for the submissions turned in before the end of the day Sunday, March 26. Later submissions for bonus will not be accepted.

Наша семья - Part 1

Привет! Познакомьтесь- это моя семья!Меня зовут Ольга. Я студентка. У меня большие голубые глаза и длинные темные волосы. Я учусь и живу в Москве.

Это моя мама. Ее зовут Нина. Мама доктор. У мамы голубые глаза и длинные светлые волосы. Мама невысокая.

Это мой папа. Папу зовут Алексей. Мой папа бизнесмен. У папы карие глаза и черные волосы. Папа высокий. Мама и папа живут в России в Воронеже.

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Наша семья - Part 2

Это мой старший брат. Брата зовут Максим. Он менеджер. У Максима большие карие глаза и короткие светлые волосы. Мой брат высокий. Брат живёт в Москве.

Это моя младшая сестра. Сестра студентка. Ее зовут Марина. Она невысокая. У Марины голубые глаза и короткие светлые волосы. Марина живёт в Воронеже и учится в школе.

Это мои бабушка и дедушка. Они пенсионеры. Бабушку зовут Анна, а дедушку- Павел. Бабушка и дедушка невысокие. У них голубые глаза и темные волосы. Они живут в России, в Новгороде.

Я люблю мою семью!

Communication is the key.

It is very important to communicate with your online teacher. I do not mean the teacher in your school who oversees you taking online class. I mean the teacher who teaches the online class. The convenience of online class is that you can make it work around your life. You can do special activities, travel, and still be successful in the online class if you communicate with your teacher.

Kudos to Connie who is travelling to China for the next two weeks and who already contacted me about the class work and conversation sessions.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: in Moscow near Russian "wedding limo". This is a truck that was transformed into Cinderella's carriage.