Inshore Marine Habitats

by Lorenzo Sosa


Ah. The beautiful inshore marine habitats of Florida. The perfect place to raise and protect your aquatic young from the dangers of the open water. Located on almost all water-exposed sides, these habitats are everywhere. With great sights and sounds, these ecosystems are some of the most "experienced" in Florida.
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Abiotic Factors

These Florida habitats are aquatic, with an underwater floor made of sand, silt, clay, and shell fragments. The temperatures range from high 70's to low 80's. Getting large amounts of sunlight in the sunshine state, these places are perfect for raising aquatic young.

Biotic Factors

Some of the biotic components of these habitats are seagrass, seaweed, and algae. These are producers of the habitats. Some of the animals in the habitat are the brown shrimp, blue crab, sea urchin, brown pelican, Florida manatee, gulls, horseshoe crab, osprey, oyster, pink shrimp, and tricolored heron. These are some of the consumers in the habitat.

Endangered Species

Florida manatees are some of the most endangered manatee species in the world. They look cute and chill, with their dopey faces and bodies, but they are in trouble, sadly. Did you know that manatees play games like Follow-the-leader, where the go into a single-file line and synchronize their breathing and diving?

The main danger to manatees is fast boats. Because manatees cannot dodge fast-moving watercraft due to their slow speed, they can be seriously hurt, or even killed. In 2009, 97 manatees were killed by boat collisions.

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Classification of Horseshoe Crab

Eukaryote Animalia Arthropoda Chelicerata Merostomata Xiphosura limulidae
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Human Impacts

People have affected this ecosystem in many ways, by killing manatees by running them over with boats, by removing grass beds, and by polluting the water. This ecosystem has positively affected us in many ways, by providing a fishing spot close to home, and by allowing us to see the wondrous animals and fish of the ocean.