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January 2016

Welcome 2016

It always seems like the new year catches up with us too quickly! I'm eager to see what 2016 has in store for me. I know I'm thankful for these awesome oils and all the benefits that come with using them! Many of us have found these oils are perfect for daily health and wellness and a better option when needing over the counter type products. If you are currently using essential oils, I hope you will continue to learn about them and all their benefits. There are many resources out there for us. For those of you who are local to the Kingwood Texas area, you'll have some informative classes to get to and learn how to incorporate these oils in to a daily lifestyle of health and wellness. I'll list those classes in the newsletter along with a way to RSVP and let us know that you are coming. For those of you not in the area, please keep an eye on the Bliss Customers Facebook group as we post a variety of webinars on many topics that might interest you. There is information out there. I hope you will also remember to give me a call if you have questions or needs. I am eager to assist in any way I can.

For those of you yet to invest in a wholesale membership, January is a great time to jump in! For those who are using them and seeing the benefits, your family and friends can benefit too! In January, all enrollments have the opportunity to receive FREE frankincense ($93 retail value) and an additional $100 in FREE oils! I love to talk oils and encourage families, so contact me if needed!

You'll notice that since doTERRA became a billion dollar company in less than 7 years, essential oils are popping up all over the place. doTERRA has been working with many hospitals, including Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins. People want natural options. Unfortunately, many companies that know nothing about essential oils are trying to jump on the EO bandwagon. Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy, just to name a few, are all offering products, but they are not true essential oils and many people will be drawn to the lower price, but will get a product that will not produce the same results. They may even be harmful depending on what is in them. Know what to look for; get educated. That is what I am here for. I would love to talk with you! Now is the time to try out a more natural approach!

Happy 2016

Caroline Vinal

doTERRA Platinum Wellness Advocate #341632


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Essential Oil resources for you:

*For more information on essential oils and doTERRA check out doTERRAuniversity.

*For the science behind essential oils visit doTERRAscienceblog

*For tips on the many ways to use essential oils try doTERRAblog.

*If you're on Facebook, "like" our business page to receive informative articles, tips and tricks, diffuser recipes and more. We are essential choices, LLC on FB.

*For quick videos about essential oils go to doTERRAcorp on YouTube.

New to Essential oils? Contact me for a list of class dates and times.

AromaTouch Technique Training in Kingwood TX

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 9am-3:30pm

2122 Fern Creek Trail, Kingwood TX 77345

The AromaTouch Technique was created by Dr. David K. Hill, a physician and worldrenowned expert in the medicinal use of essential oils. Dr. Hill wanted to develop a technique that would be easy enough for anyone to learn and administer, yet powerful enough to produce consistent results. The AromaTouch Technique incorporates simple hand techniques with the power of essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness experience. It seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily life and which may serve as limiting factors in health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance.

What is included in the $149:

Kit containing 8 essential oils; instructional DVD, class workbook, lite lunch, certificate of completion from doTERRA, 6 hours of instruction including classroom and experiential. (you will give, receive and observe the technique)

What to bring to class:

Notebook, pen, water and snacks, 2 flat sheets and a pillowcase to cover massage table/face cradle, and doTERRA WA# if applicable. Also wear casual, comfortable clothes like a button down shirt that can easily be turned around for application of oils. Oils are applied on the back, scalp and feet.

Come join us in an intimate setting.


You do not have to have a wholesale account with doTERRA to participate. Members and non-members are welcome.

The $149 fee is set by doTERRA and is due at registration. Even if you have the oils, the price is set and cannot be changed.

You can transfer your ticket if needed. If you cannot attend class, fee will be applied to next available class date. Please contact me.

If you would like to register and pay by credit card, click this link. To pay by check, fill out this registration and mail check payable to Caroline Vinal, 2122 Fern Creek Trail, Kingwood TX 77345

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Learn more about these new blends at our Moods and Emotions Class. RSVP below

Moods, Emotions and Essential Oils 10:30AM and 6pm

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 10:30am-6:30pm

4400 Bens View Lane


A lot has happened in the world of Essential Oils in the area of moods and emotions. Come hear our doTERRA Diamonds speak on this topic. Roxy Saran will present the 10:30 am class and Nicole Vincent will teach the evening class. Come find out how to best use your Essential Oils to manage moods and emotions. These two leaders are dynamic speakers with a wealth of knowledge about Essential Oils. You don't want to miss these classes!

We will offer a FREE Emotions spray Make n Take. Be sure to RSVP so we have enough materials at this event for you to Make n Take your bottle of spray with you.

There will also be a brief introduction to essential oils and all who attend this class and then enroll with a wholesale membership will qualify for the 100 FREE reward points from our New Year New You Promotion. Contact me for more info.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Learn about Co-Impact Sourcing and the community in Nepal where we source our wintergreen essential oil from:
Sourcing doTERRA Nepalese Wintergreen Essential Oil

Essential Choices, LLC

My goal is to help each of you get the most out of your investment in doTERRA essential oils and natural health and wellness products. Please contact me if you have any questions about essential oils or wholesale membership accounts. I would consider it a privilege to share these amazing oils with your friends and family. Please consider hosting an educational class and introducing them to these natural alternatives. Let's set a date!
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