Cummington Connect Updates!

December 2020

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Week of November 30, 2020

December 2, 2020

Dear Cummington Residents,

We are happy to say that we are wrappin' it up. The majority of the service installations are done, with 337 complete as of today. We still have a couple dozen homes to hook up, and some cold drops to do, which accounts for most of those marked "new" on the pie chart, but almost all of the subscribers are now enjoying real high speed internet.

If you are subscribing for 1 Gigabit service and have not received a call to schedule your installation, please call customer service, 413-485-1251.

What's next?

Finishing up and working on the municipal network.

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Municipal Network

Our Police Chief and MLP committee member, Mike Perkins got the news this week that the Community Compact Grant that he worked so hard on was approved. Cummington will receive $69,631 to help build out the hub of our network at the Berkshire Trail building. This will eventually enable all of our town offices, safety complex and more to be connected. It will save money and bring some of our town services into the 21st century.
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Billing Q/A

How to Pay

You must pay your bill electronically to our internet service provider - Whip City Fiber. Payment can be made either through electronic fund transfer from your bank account or you may pay by credit card.

We encourage you to use automatic payments from your bank account (EFT). This saves you and the town money and ensures you don’t miss a payment, which could result in service disconnection. You will have the option to pre-pay your account if you so choose.

Payment by cash or check is not an option due to the costs involved. We hope you are already accustomed to automatic bill paying for other household expenses.

How You Will Be Billed

Whip City Fiber will issue electronic invoices to the email address you provide. You must provide an email address to sign up for service. There is no option for paper bills. This is to ensure costs of operating our network are as low as possible (plus it saves trees!).

Bills are due upon receipt. There is a 10-day grace period, after which time your account will be deemed in default, service will be suspended, and a reconnection fee will be charged.

Questions about your bill? Please call WCF customer service ,1-413-485-1251.

Cummington MLP

Allan Douglas, MLP Manager

Maureen Tumenas

Scott Keith

Brenda Arbib

Mike Perkins

Having trouble? Who do you call?

Once things are up and running... If your internet is down- call Whip City 413-485-1204

If your power is out- call Eversource: 800-592-2000

If your landline is out- call Verizon: 1-800-922-0204