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Alzheimers, By: Lauren Respass

Why Did I choose Alzheimers?

I chose the Alzheimer's disease because a lot of elderly men and women experience it, and the symptoms that come with it. Also, I wanted to help people understand why their family members get Alzheime's, and what it does to them and their brain.

What Is Alzheimers?

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disorder that over time, destroys memory, thinking skills, and eventually, the ability to carry out simplistic tasks. For most people, Alzheimer's occurs for men and women around the mid 60s. The disease is currently ranked as the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.
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What's Occuring In The Brain?

In the brain of someone with Alzheimer's, the neurofibrillary tangles, ( which consist of tau) form part of the micro-tubule. In the disease, the Tau protein is abnormal and the micro-tubule structure collapses. As the disease progresses, the brain tissue shrinks, and the the ventricles are enlarged. Eventually, Alzheimer's spreads to the Cerebral Cortex.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

The ADRC has conducted investigations that range from workings of ones memory, to clinical trials that test new drugs. The Research Center also is a leader in diagnosing, and clarifying different forms of early stage changes and risks.
What is Alzheimer's disease? - Ivan Seah Yu Jun


1. 1 out of 9 people have or will get the Alzheimers disease.
2. Every 68 seconds, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimers.
3. By 2025, the cost of Alzheimers disease will cost about $307 billion!