Temperate Deciduous Forest

Chelsea Orozco

What type of animals live in The Deciduous Forest?

The animals in the Deciduous Forest are, The Black Bear is about 1.8m and The Black Bear eats Diet food like Fruits, Nuts, Honey, Insects, and Small Mammals. Why do you think Black Bears adapt? Black Bears adapt because they go and find for their food and they want to find a place for them to live. They like to live in wooded areas like in Alaska, Canada; U.S.A. The Black Bear is a Carnivore .The Black Bear uses their claws to protect them from the people. They adapt when they go to the U.S.A the color of the fur is Black to Dark Brown. They adapt by hibernating. Another animal is that live in The Deciduous Forest is the Cardinal the Cardinal is like 23cm that’s a really medium cardinal. The Cardinal eats Seeds everybody knows birds eat seeds. The Cardinal adapts to Southern Ontario, Canada, U.S.A, Great Lakes and New Egland.The Cardinal is a Producer because the birds dig and get the seeds out of the ground. The Cardinal Adapts because in the winter is too cold for them because of all the snow, they adapt because they find for food.Thats why they adapt. Third Animal is the Rat Snake. The Rat Snake is about 86cm.The Rat Snake is a carnivore because it eats a mice and the mice is a carnivore. The Rat Snake adapts because in the summer it may tend to be nocturnal, they adapt because they go and find something to eat. Another animal is Spring Peeper is about 3cm. His colors are brown, green, and light green. The Spring Peeper it eats different types of insects. They adapt because of the coldness, they adapt because they go and find somewhere to live. The Spring Peeper is a Carnivore.

What type of plants does The Deciduous Forest have ?

Do you want to know what types of plants are in the Deciduous Forest? A plant in the Deciduous Forest is The Oak Tree it is about 1-6cm long and 0.8-4cm wide.50 gallons of water a day. The Oak Tree adapt by growing more for they could grow big like the others. Another tree that if know that grows in the Deciduous Forest is the Deciduous Forest is the Maple Tree it is about 10-45 cm long wow that is a big tree. It is bigger than my whole familly.The Maple Tree adapts b/c the leaves start to shut down so the leaves stop growing. Another Reason is that the Maple Tree adapts because in the cold too they die b/c the leaves then the stem so the tree can't keep the balance a lot when they are about to die. Another plant is the American Beech is 90-100 Feet Tall. It is taller than the school. The American Beech adapts because of the coldness and it won't grow if the coldness stops. Last Plants is the Lady Fern it is about 24-30 long. That is bigger than the Maple Tree. The Lady Fern it looks like 3 big leaves. The Lady Fern adapts because it won't grow in soft places it grows in cracks of rocks. That is all the plant in the Deciduous Forest.

Where is the Deciduous Forest Located ?

Do you want to know where the Deciduous Forest located is? It is located in United States, Canada, Parts of Russia, China, and Japan. That is where you could find the Deciduous Forest. This is the only countries that you could find the Deciduous Forest.

Do you want to know whats the climate of the Deciduous Forest ?

The climate in January it might drop -12 C (10 F) .In the summer is warm 27 C. Summer days are long and sunny so people could go to pools all day long. Winter has short days a little of sunlight. But winter is so fun because kids could play snowball fight and slide down on a sled. This is also the only biome to have all 4 seasons!

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