The Towler Times

October 3rd, 2014

A Peek at our Week...

  • This week in reading we worked on reviewing the skills we learned in Unit 1 and took our Unit 1 Benchmark test. We also read some fun Readers' Theater scripts based on Fairy Tales. For example, we read The Three Little Elephants, Spiderella, and Goldilocks and the Three Bullfrogs! It is fun to listen to the children get into character and read with such expression!
  • In Social Studies we took our Unit 1 test covering communities. The students did a great job!
  • In Math we continue with place value, using many different tools to understand numbers. We have used straws, place value blocks, place value disks and number lines. We have also been working hard on some problem solving with word problems. I really enjoy our math time in 2T. I love listening to the math discussions the students have with each other and the way they can explain their thinking and strategies to the class. The students are always eager to share and respectful of each other when someone may need to change their thinking. I'm proud of them.
  • We are moving along with our Second Step lessons. Thus far we have discussed what it means to be a respectful learner. We are also learning different ways to focus our attention and how to be assertive when we need to ask for help.


This Monday your child will get his/her new spelling words. Due to the half day Friday, October 10th and no school Monday, October 13th the students will work on these words for two weeks. Therefore, the spelling test for the words given this Monday will be taken on October 17th. Please contact me with any questions.

Columbus Race...

Our ship has reached the New World, has turned around, and is currently traveling back!! The students get so excited watching their ship move! Please remind your child to exercise and read this weekend and have them fill in their Columbus sheets.

Grandparents' Day...

The children are busy preparing and practicing for their Grandparents' Day performance! Grandparents are in for a treat next Friday!

Please watch for a second email from me. I will be emailing the Readers' Theater script. With the emailed script, students who feel they need extra practice at home will be able to practice and we won't have to worry about scripts possibly getting lost between school and home. Thank you for your help.

Marble Party!!

2T earned their first marble party! We will have a game day after our Grandparents' Day Celebration on Friday, October 10th. Students can bring in a game from home to play with their friends. Look for more information on Monday in your child's red folder.

Star of the Week...Mekdes!!

Mekdes has 4 sisters! She enjoys reading and math. Her favorite food is pizza. She loves to sing, dance and play outside. She hopes to someday be a teacher!!

Great job, Mekdes!

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~Benjamin Franklin