by:Josie Gonzalez

Locations of Neptune

it is Located about 4.5 billion Kilometers (2.8 billion miles) or 30.07AU away from the solar system. Neptune is located approximately 4,504,300,000 kilometers from our Sun. The only other planet that is farther in our Solar System is Pluto.
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Neptune was Discoverd

Neptune was discoverd in 1846.But Neptune wasent discovered the way all the other planets in our Solar System were.Astronomers didint scan the sky with their telescopes to find Neptune. They instad used MATH!!!!!!

history of neptune

The planet Neptune was dicovered in September 23 1846.Neptune was the first planet to get its existence Predicted by mathmatical before it was before it has been seen by a telescope.
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According to scientists, the surface of Neptune is one of the coldest places in the Solar System. At its surface, where the clouds of the planet touch space, the temperature of Neptune can get to -218 degrees Celsius

How Neptune got his name

Urbain Le Verrier, who discovered the planet, claimed the right to name his discovery: Neptune. Soon Neptune became the internationally accepted name. In roman mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea.