OLLD Times

Issue 21 Volume 15.16

Current Online Learning Enrollment

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Total Course Completions as of April 1st, 2016

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Weekly Course Completions between March 21st-April 1st. 2016

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Weekly Course Completions by Subject between March 9th-21st, 2016

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Teachers' Completions

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  • Congratulations to Milton Velez who has the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Renee Mayet who is the second teacher with the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Elvin Price who is tied as the third teacher with the highest number of completions in the district!
  • Congratulations to Tommie Barkley who is the fourth teacher with the highest number of completions in the district.
  • Congratulations to Stuart Appleton who is tied at fourth teacher with the highest number of completions in the district.
  • Congratulations to Janne Lanzoni who is the fifth teacher with the highest number of completions in the district.

Getting to Know the Department

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Dorothy Ringer-Sumner: Online Learning Lab Teacher at Victory Early College

I am Dorothy Ringer Sumner, the online learning instructor for Victory Early College HS. I came to Victory three years ago as the science skills specialist; however, at Victory, I serve in many positions. Although we have a small student population, we participate in all the academic activities of the regular high schools and more.

In addition to online learning, I am responsible for the curriculum for the science and math courses and coordinating our Title I program activities. I am part of a three-person curriculum team that coordinates all the academic programs at Victory including graduation, grade level core classes, fish camp, freshmen orientation, the awards program, and professional development for teachers. Needless to say, this position keeps me very busy and I enjoy and appreciate the time spent in the online learning labs with my students.

At Victory, the online learning lab is somewhat unique. The majority of our students in online classes are enrolled in initial credit courses that we do not offer on campus. The students work independently in one of four computer labs. I monitor their progress and meet with them individually or as a group to answer questions, discuss their progress, and other concerns. Before coming to Victory, I taught Biology at Aldine 9th. During my tenure in Aldine, I have taught and developed curriculum for 5th through 12th-grade science courses and served as department chair and science specialist in two schools. Online learning was an easy transition for me. I regularly engaged my students in web quests and other web-based units of study.

My goal as an educator has always been to impart academic as well as social skills into my students that would allow them to cope effectively and successfully in our society. I make an effort to always encourage and promote students even when disciplining or correcting inappropriate behavior. As teachers, our attitudes and demeanors make or break our students. This is a parenting tip I learned from my parents that have been beneficial at home and at work. Recently while shopping, I was reminded of

the impact we have on our students’ lives. A young lady greeted me by my name and introduced herself as a student I taught nineteen years ago at Drew Academy. That chance greeting developed into a 50-minute conversation. She discussed the events of her life since 7th-grade science. She was 32 years old, a successful employee, well rounded, happily married and embarking on an entrepreneurial venture in the trucking industry. She thanked me for, “guiding a kid from Acres Home in the right direction.”

Most of us have had the experience of students expressing gratitude. I was humbled by the fact that I did not initially remember this student but she clearly stated to me some of the positive experiences she encountered as a student in my class and quoted statements I had made to her and others. I eventually remembered her as the mischievous and disruptive student I had to place near me at all times to keep her from disturbing others and lab equipment.

As educators, we truly touch the future, this is more than a slogan. It is so important for us to speak and act in positive ways around our students, you never know who you are molding for success or failure.

I consider myself a naturalist, I enjoy gardening, trips to the beach, and our farms in East Texas where we raise horses and trees. I am a family history buff. I love genealogy libraries and websites. I’ve had my genome mapped to aid me in tracing my paternal family back to western Africa. I also enjoy both domestic and international travel, my bucket list includes return visits to Kenya, Tanzania, and Amsterdam. I am very family oriented. The most memorable events in my life involve my immediate and extended family. I am one of nine siblings we get together monthly to celebrate birthdays, promotions, graduations, holidays, and all good things.


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Events Coming Up

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Online Programs Coordinator Vacancy

As many of you know, Erin McPheters is no longer with Aldine ISD. She has accepted a job and already moved to Chicago. We wish her the best and will miss her.

Since the position has not been filled, lab teachers will email Isabel Hejazi (ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org) with any Edgenuity concerns.

Virtual Instructional Time

Lab teachers should show this video at the beginning of each class period on an A and B day.

This video will explicate to students how to use the Virtual Instructional Time and will increase communicate between the initial credit students and virtual school teachers.

Virtual Instructional Time
If you have any shoutouts for anybody in the Online Learning Department, please send it to ishejazirodriguez@aldineisd.org to add it to our shouout list.

Procedures for Students Completing or Incompleting Courses

Students Should be Marked:


-Student: The student has exhausted 18 weeks and the student has not completed the course in Edgenuity or Schoology.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the student INCOMPLETE on E-portal and disable the course in Edgenuity. Do not archive the student.

-Counselor: The counselor must create a new Online Tracking Form (OTF) with the same course if the student still needs the course (with the new start date).


-Student: The student must complete the course in Edgenuity and Schoology and must have a cumulative exam of 70 or above within 18 weeks.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the OTF complete on Eportal, the course must be completed on Edgenuity, and on the spreadsheet.

-Counselor: If the semester is not over, the counselor must assign a new course as soon as possible in order to minimize loss of instructional time.


-Student: The student is no longer in the teacher's SMS roster before exhausting the 18 weeks.

-Teacher: The teacher must mark the OTF as withdrawn, the course must be disabled, and the spreadsheet should be marked as withdrawn.

-Counselor: The counselor has created a schedule change (prior to the student being marked withdrawn).


-Student: This transfer occurs when the semester is over and the student still has been enrolled for less than 18 weeks in the course.

-Teacher: The teacher will receive an OTF with the word “transfer” after the course name to indicate that this student already has a course in Edgenuity. The teacher must then enable the course in Edgenuity.

-Counselor: When a student needs to roll over the semester, the counselor must create a new OTF with the new teacher's name on it and must write “transfer” after the course name to indicate that the student is transferring teachers (the start date will be the same as the original course. The student will have 18 weeks from original start date).

6th Period Enrollments

Students 9th through 11th grade will now pay a fee of $130 per course for initial credit courses. This fee will have to be paid to a counselor prior student enrollment.

12th Grade students will pay a reduced $30 fee per course.

Schoology Management for Lab Teachers

Mr. Matt McArthur has created a video to demonstrate how to manage Schoology for the Theatre Arts electives.
Schoology Management for Lab Teachers

Extension Explanation to Students

Whenever students need an extension, please share this video with them so they can understand the extension process.
Extension Explanation


Thank you for all the lab teachers who have updated their spreadsheets. Remember that your SLOs are now linked to the data on your spreadsheets, so it is vital that you update them weekly.

There have been several teachers who have sent and/or shared with me their own spreadsheet. Every teacher must complete the information on the master teacher spreadsheet copy. I am including a video on how to input your data on the master copy.

Please click here for the FALL 2015 master copy.

Please click here for the SPRING 2016 master copy.


Who do I contact?

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