Biomedical Engineer

By: Sierra Noskowiak

"Knowing that I have a part to play in saving the lives of patients makes me feel very satisfied." ~Laurel Lim

Basic information

  • A Biomedical Engineer makes devices that help solve clinical problems.
  • They can work in a laboratory or in the hospital.
  • They are in the health care and research teams.
  • The salary is $44,810 to $107,210
  • The demand in the next 5 years is about 53%
  • Build medical artificial organs
  • Usally work 40 hours a week
  • Most employers require a masters degree
  • Some people travel frequently
  • They work close with physicians and surgeons

What you need to succeed

In high school, some helpful classes to take are, biology and chemistry. Biology will be helpful because in biology, you study living things, and if you are a biomedical engineer, you will make things to help the body function correctly. Chemistry will also help because, in chemistry you deal with substances that are composed. In college, you will need at least a bachelors degree to become a biomedical engineer.
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UW Milwaukee

Address: 3200 North Cramer St. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

3 Pros

  • Close to home
  • They have nice dorm rooms
  • They offer a Batchelors degree along with a Masters degree
3 Cons
  • The state tuition is $34,890
  • Living in a busy city, so it will be hard to get around
  • A smaller campus

University of Wisconsin-Madison

3 Pros

  • They offer a lot of degrees Bachelor's, Master's, First professional, Doctorate
  • They have a wide option of sports to chose from
  • The in state tuition is $26,579, which isn't as bad as other school
2 Cons

  • Only about 60% of applications are accepted, so it is very difficult to get in.
  • The campus is in a large city

University of Illinois-Chicago


3 Pros

  • They have a good size campus
  • They offer degrees such as, Bachelors, Master's, First professional, and Doctorate degrees
  • They have a health clinic on campus.
2 Cons

  • Only 11% live on the campus.
  • Their is only 2% of people who are out of state that go their.

More Infomation

For more Infomation about a Biomedical Engineer, go to this website: or call Ashley Kraweic at 202-649-3838 or email her at
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