January 10, 2014

Greetings Everyone!

It was such a pleasure to welcome back our Returning Callers to shift on Thursday and to meet the new Student Callers who have recently joined us. Gary Durbeniuk was especially happy to welcome our fantastic team and brought special greetings from President Elizabeth Cannon and the Senior Leadership Team who ALL recognize how valuable your work is!

For part of January, we are easing back into the SCP after the holidays by reaching out to our New Grads of 2013, a very engaging group of alumni that Callers are having great conversations with! This unique group of alumni will be new to many of you, so please take a moment to read through the script that is specifically tailored for you to use. Your Supervisors will provide you with an overview and some advice on common questions that new grads may have.

Representative Schedule

The schedule shown below will always be featured in the End of Week flyer for your reference. With the exception of Pick Up & Make Up shifts, and Time Off Requests (known and communicated in advance), these marked shifts are considered your weekly CORE SHIFTS, meaning that they will be the same each week.


If you wish to sign up for an additional shift, then please do! Call the SCP at 403-220-5151 to leave a message or email to let us know to expect you. Please be aware that Cancellations, Late Arrivals and No Shows are weighted heavily on your End of Term Evaluations.

If you need to call in SICK:

Monday to Thursday:

Call (403) 220-5151 and email before 12:00pm

Saturday & Sunday:

Call (403) 220-5151 and email before 10:00am

Guest Speaker

Please pencil in your calendars! Mark Sollis from Alumni Relations is our Guest Speaker coming in on Thursday January 16. This is a very timely visit as her will be providing information and insight on activities within Alumni Relations that will be pertinent to our current calling group. If you are not scheduled for shift and are available in the evening, please come in for the half-hour presentation and you will compensated for your time.

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?

We'd like to try and make this weekly communications work for you! What would you like to see in your End of Week email? Send your ideas to!

Thanks and have a terrific weekend!