Barclay Bulletin

John Barclay Elementary School - October 19, 2015

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Important Dates

Oct. 19-23

  • Red Ribbon Week (see below)

Oct. 20

  • Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser (4:00-8:00pm)

Oct. 23

  • Pretzel Day
  • Family Fun Monster Mash Roller skating (5:00-7:00pm)

Oct. 30

  • Halloween Parade (2:15pm)

Nov. 5

  • Secret Shop

Red Ribbon Week

Another reminder: Red Ribbon Week is a nation-wide initiative celebrating a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. Barclay will be participating during the week of October 19-23rd. A different theme each day of that week will allow students to show-case how they respect themselves by being drug-free. Stay tuned for more details! Please see below for the daily themes. Kids enjoy getting into the spirit of this event!

Monday 10/19: Wear red

Tuesday 10/20: Wear mis-matched socks to show that you “stand up to drugs.”

Wednesday 10/21: Wear a hat for “put a cap on drugs.”

Thursday 10/22: Wear a sports team jersey to show that you lead a healthy life.

Friday 10/23: Wear your Barclay t-shirt to show your pride in being drug-free.

2nd STEP

Barclay provides social skills education in all classrooms, K-6th, through the 2nd STEP curriculum. Lessons are taught by classroom teachers on a bi-weekly basis to address skills such as listening, empathy, how to handle emotions and problem solving. This program is designed to support the whole child and reinforce skills children will use throughout their lives. 2nd STEP will begin the week of October 12th and run through the first week of June. If you have any questions, please contact Alison Embow, Student Support Counselor, at

Volunteer Clearances

Any parent who hopes to volunteer at Barclay Halloween festivities this year MUST get their clearances into CB. You have 2 weeks to get this done which is plenty of time. We also have other parent volunteer opportunities like Barclay Beautification , 1st Grade Lunch , 5th grade field trip , 6th grade arts field trip to the Kimmel Center , and other events this fall for which many of you will want to volunteer.

Here is the quick link with a two minute video to walk you through completing them. It isn't difficult: Barclay/CB Parent Volunteer Clearances

Clothing Drive

Thank you to everyone who supported the sixth grade clothing drive. People brought in loads of clothes and other belongings to help sixth graders raise funds for their special activities they have planned this year. And these unused items all go to a good cause!

See the Parent Positive opportunity below sponsored by CB Cares:

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