Chicano Movement

Noah Mark Logan

The Chicano Movement form 1960's to Today

National Farm Workers Association

  • Union
  • Mainly migrant workers that stopped picking grapes trying to get a higher wage
  • Founders: Dolores Huerta, Gil Padilla, and Cesar Chavez
  • By 1965 1,700 members

Grape strike and boycott

  • 300 mile march to Sacramento to encourage public sympathy for the strike
  • 17 million Americans refused to buy grapes; lasted till 1970
The NFWA merged with another union forming the United Farm Workers.

Movement Leaders

Student Walkout

  • March 1st, 1968, 300 students at Wilson High school in California, walked out of there classes to protest the cancellation of a school play
  • Within a week 15,000 students joined the protest in east Los Angeles

Brown Beret

Similar to the Black Panthers, but more towards Mexican Americans in response to police brutality against Mexican Americans in Los Angeles.

Movement Weakens

The movement lost some of its political power in the 1970's. The Brown Berets dissolved in 1972, and many Mexican Americans lost interest in the movement.


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