come one come all

by: luke brooks

come on down to texas

good morning people are you looking for a new life? well come on down to Texas. we have a wide open spread of land and the lovely selection of cattle. us as a community can build a great city or even a country, but to build such a grand place there are some required skill sets especially always be loyal. so if you want a new better life come on down to Texas and we can make you be the next face in history.


we need all the people we can get but there are some required skills that we need to keep the everything together here are some of the requirements you either can be a chef, inventor, forger, military, explorer, or catholic. but the number one rule of all is ALWAYS STAY LOYAL the last thing we need is a traitor in our young new town.

whats new?

what's the difference between Texas and Mexico? well ill tell you, we have a wide spread of land full of cattle but instead of having so many impresarios we have a really wide spread of churches all around our new land. so if you need a safe new life come to Texas we need some new settlers.
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where is texas?

Texas is located at the end of north America and right above Mexico so if you live in Mexico please if you are coming to Texas please send a letter to me Stephen F. Austin in the town of Dewitt to the city hall.