Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers

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What is ECET2Lou?

ECET2 stand for Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching.

ECET2 is part of a teacher leadership movement throughout the country focused on collaboration between highly effective teachers and professionalizing the teacher profession. ECET2 seeks to realize a teacher’s potential by ensuring each convening aligns with its six key ingredients.

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As of July 2016, there have been 5 national convenings, over 150 regional convenings in 35 host states, and over 25,00 teachers who have attended an ECET2 event. In Kentucky, there have been 4 state and 13 regional and district convenings with over 2,000 teachers attending.

JCPSForward is proud to bring the movement to Jefferson County Public Schools.

UPDATE - Friday night keynote - Dr. Vicki Phillips

Kentuckian Dr. Vicki Phillips will headline our Friday night events. Hailing from Breckinridge County, Phillips began her teaching Kentucky schools before moving to KDE. She spent time as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education and Superintendent of Portland (OR) Public Schools before spending eight years with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the Director of College-Ready Education program.

***Click here to read a blog by Brigette Bloom Ramsey, Executive Director of the Prichard Committe for Academic Excellence titled, "Celebrating Vicki Phillips - Visionary and Kentucky Visionary"***

When is ECET2Lou?

ECET2Lou will be held the weekend of February 24th and 25th, 2017, at the Seelbach Hilton.

In addition to our day of learning on Saturday, Feb. 25, there will be Friday night activities culminating in a reception at the Rathskellar Lounge on Friday, Feb. 24. Meals and parking will be paid.

Why will ECET2Lou stand apart from other professional learning opportunities?

ECET2 events are planned by teachers, for teachers.

  • The convening agenda features workshops focused on pedagogy, teacher leadership, networking and issues and challenges specific to JCPS to support deeper learning in both students and educators.

  • Inspiring keynotes called “Cultivating a Calling” allow teachers to hear stories of fellow educators.

  • Solutions oriented, small group discussions called “Colleague Circles” allow the teachers to have honest and meaningful discussions problems of practice with other teachers.

  • Why I Teach” and “Lightbulb Moment” booths allow attendees to share their passion through posting their thoughts on social media and learn how to implement these innovative, motivating initiatives in their schools.

  • Stronger professional learning communities are built and attendees can take these pedagogical ideas to take back to their schools to strengthen instructional practices and student instruction.

  • An optional BreakoutEdu icebreaker session on Friday followed by a social in the famous Seelbach Rathskeller Lounge.

Invitation Only

ECET2Lou is an invitation only event for educators in Jefferson County Public Schools. The Kentucky Teacher Leadership Framework will be used to create a diverse group of attendees reflective of all spheres of teaching.

Nominations can be for peers or for self and should be limited to classroom teachers and instructional coaches and will be accepted until 11:59pm Friday, December 31.

ECET2 in Action - highlights of ECET2KY (January 2015)


What Teachers Across Kentucky are Saying about ECET2

ECET2 has brought me out of my cocoon and allowed me to fly. Behind the scenes and the set-up was a building of energy and camaraderie. --- Robin Burr, Berea Independent


ECET2 was and continues to be my gateway drug to teacher leadership, and the larger Kentucky teacher network. The energy and positive solutions-oriented atmosphere was career changing for me, realizing that I was not alone. --- Carly Baldwin, Boyd County


ECET2KY opened my eyes to another world of education beyond the hills of Eastern Kentucky. My PLN grew tremendously and now I have other educators across the state to call on when I have questions or need to bounce ideas off of. --- Latonya Rowe, Johnson County


ECET2 helps passionate, engaged teachers find their tribe. These teachers can often feel like outliers in their schools, but being together with like-minded teachers for a day can provide them with inspiration and a network that can support them throughout their school year. --- David Grossman, Elizabethtown Independent


ECET2 introduced me to the niche between the classroom and administration known as Teacher Leadership. There's a whole world of support networks and collegiality that many teachers don't know exists. --- Stan Torzewski, Jefferson County


ECET2KY provides teachers with opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who can offer feedback and support to enhance their teaching practices. --- Jana Bryant, Daviess County


ECET2 began with such mystery that I wasn't even sure what it meant. I quickly realized that for me it means love. A tribe of passionate educators who love their students, their profession and their colleagues. From my planning committee to many educators I have met at various ECET2 convenings, I feel like I have a family that I never was able to find my first ten years of teaching. Thank you ECET2 for inspiring us all! :) --- Kip Hottman, Jefferson County


ECET2KY has given me a voice. It lets me know that I matter and has provided me with a tribe. --- Lyndsay Nottingham, Boone County


Open any popular media site or newsfeed and the education profession is vilified at worst, polarized at best (there’s a reason some teachers avoid the faculty lounge). There are constant headlines chicken-littling the privatization of education or the sin of ‘running schools like a business,’ or the general ruination of childhood as we know it–all at the hands of Kentucky public servants like me. In the midst of a national wave of education reform, ECET2KY listened to the most powerful voices of education: teachers. The convening carved out dedicated time to gather fire-bringers and ignite a movement. And, while that fire starter state weekend gave me momentum to come back home and continue to fight the good fight–it also gave me the impetus, and more importantly, the capacity, to continue knowing, wanting, and doing what's best for the students of Kentucky. --- Missy Callaway, Jefferson County

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Connecting the educators of Jefferson County Public Schools to strengthen learning in teachers and students through promoting solutions-oriented conversations.