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January 9, 2021

Happy New Year!!

Hi all!

Happy New Year--2021 WILL be a better experience--I'm confident!!

Cohort B PICTURE DAY has been scheduled for this coming THURSDAY, JANUARY 14th. Please scroll down for information on ordering, retakes, and logistics.

Next week, 11th - 15th is a typical week.

The week of January 18th has been adjusted. Schools and offices are closed on Monday, January 18th in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and therefore there is no virtual Wednesday that week. Please scroll down to see the updated January calendar.

HOMEroom Announcement videos will still take place on Wednesdays, and during those videos I will mention all of the birthdays for that week. On days when cohorts are in the building, we will return to the traditional announcements, led by students on the loud speakers.


John Meanix

Yearbook Cover Winners!

5th Grade Students had a chance to design our yearbook cover!

A big congratulations to Caroline Ellefson!

She landed in 1st place for our yearbook cover competition!

Her drawing will be featured on the front cover of our 2020-2021 yearbook!

Our 4 runner-ups are Kaylie Brown, Mady Parkinson, Chase Nerelli, and Hannah Friend. Their drawings will be featured on the back cover! Congratulations to you all!

Everyone did such a great job that we decided to include a feature page inside the yearbook for all other participants.

If you haven't already done so, please be sure your name is on the front hard copy and drop it off at school ASAP. Everyone should have received an email about this information. If you have any questions, email swspto.communication@gmail.com. FYI-School office hours next week are from 8am to 3:50pm.

Say CHEESE!!!!! Picture Day Info UPDATED...

Cohort B picture day is rescheduled for January 14!

  • Cyber & Remote students are welcome to come in for pictures on their Cohort day, and can come in between 8:30 & 9:00, between 12:00 & 1:00, and between 2:45 and 4:00.
  • Cyber & Remote parents, please park and walk your child to the front door and use the buzzer; when they are done with pictures, we will walk them back out to you. Thanks!
  • If you are not able to make either of those dates, or are not comfortable coming in for pictures, please take advantage of sending in a photo of your child doing virtual learning (see below) and submit your pictures to the yearbook that way.
  • Dates for retake days be Tues 2/23 (cohort a) & Thurs 2/25 (cohort b)
  • Cohort B families (and anyone taking pictures on Thursday), click the image below to pre-order photos; Be sure to use the UPDATE code below to place your order!
  • Have questions about orders? Click https://www.barksdalephoto.com/online-order-assistance.php

Click on the image below to pre-order!


Our next No-Cook/Dine & Donate is at America's Pie in West Chester on Tuesday, January 26, from 11am to 9pm! Their menu is full of amazing specialty pizzas! They offer Brooklyn, Sicilian, and New York hand-tossed pizzas. If strombolies or calzones are your thing, they have that too and so much more! Gluten-free options are also available. Make sure to check out they menu and mark your calendar for January 26! A portion of the proceeds benefits our school!


Check for Symptoms each day:


***If you are showing symptoms or have gotten a positve test result in your family, contact JANET DOYLE, nurse, even though we are currently in REMOTE LEARNING, please!!!***

jdoyle@wcasd.net or 484-266-2206

Contact your health care provider if your child has symptoms.

Contact the nurse’s office if your child or another person in the household is getting a test for Covid-19. Keep your child home if he/she is waiting for test results or if your child has a known exposure to someone who tests positive for Covid-19.

Janet Doyle jdoyle@wcasd.net 484 266-2206

Attn: Parents & Teachers

The yearbook committee needs your help to capture this school year! While this is not like any other year, we would still love to have the kids have a keepsake memory book of this time in their lives. So grab your camera and snap some shots to help make this yearbook great!

Here's what we need:

  • Parents (Cyber & Virtual), please send in 2 pictures(1 action & 1 remote-learning) of your child(s)!
  • Teachers, any shots you can take of the kids during in-person learning would be greatly appreciated!
  • Please include the child's name, teacher, and grade.
  • If possible, send a quote from your kid(s) on this experience. Some Ideas-Things they learned from this experience or things that make them feel grateful.

Please send yearbook photo submissions to swspto.yearbook@gmail.com. Remember to include the student's name, grade, and teacher. We hope, with your help, this yearbook will showcase this unprecedented time and help include all the kids in the 2020-2021 yearbook! Thank you! We will be getting the link to pre-order yearbook soon! Keep a look out!

Big picture
Big picture


You should have received an email from Dr. Leigh Ann Ranieri, informing parents that the district will start accepting parent notes via email for students who are absent from school. An original signature is not required. The email address must be registered in Power School and will be verified by the attendance secretary when the note is received. Parents can still choose to submit notes in paper form within five school days of the absence. The email needs to be sent directly to Donna MacLeod, our building attendance secretary (dmacleod@wcasd.net), not through Schoology or Seesaw. Phone calls will not be accepted as documentation of a student’s absence. This will go into effect starting December 14, 2020 and will remain in place until otherwise notified.


Substitutes--these days, it is VERY difficult to place substitutes in classes for coverage. If your child's teacher needs to be out for a day or two, the students at home will be doing asynchronous work that has been posted for them in either Schoology or SeeSaw. Whomever is covering the class will be focusing on the in-school students for the day.

The technology component of our current way of educating kids is great for the kids and teachers who use it all the time, but that may not be the case with the person who is coming in to sub that day. Thanks for your understanding on this!


Through JUNE, breakfast and lunch will be offered daily at no cost to parents for all children regardless of income or Free/Reduced Lunch eligibility. Because we won't be using the Point of Sales (POS) system, a child's allergy won't automatically show up as the student checks out of the lunch line. The school nurses will be providing the lead cafeteria manager a list of students who have food allergies so that an alternative meal can be provided. Please note that no cafeteria food will be served at the elementary level that contains peanuts.

STAY CONNECTED with MS. KADIS, Starkweather Counselor

  1. Check out this COUNSELING VIDEO for how to get in touch with Ms. Kadis.
  2. Then click Ms. Kadis's Virtual Counseling Office and Calming Corner...it is pretty cool.

JOKE of the DAY

If you want to help out and add to the fun of the HOMEroom Announcements, click JOKE of the DAY for a google form. Please do not email me the jokes...though they make me chuckle when I read them, they also tend to get buried in my inbox and may not end up getting used.

TECH Support at HOME

As technical issues arise during remote learning, please use the following resources:

Tech Support @ Home – WCASD website with important information:

  • Schoology / Seesaw Support
  • Laptop / iPad Support
  • Additional Resources

If there is an issue with your 1:1 device please email SSEtech_support@wcasd.net

Drop off & Pick Up Details

The bus route is highlighted in yellow. The car route is highlighted in green. During drop off times in the morning, and pick up times in the afternoon, cars and buses share the same driveway. Be careful where you see the RED ARROWS!!

  • For HYBRID model or fully back to school, the drop off time runs from 8:30 am to 9:05 am; Classes begin at 9:10.
  • Parents should follow the green arrow, and use the Car Line Loop only.
  • Once you've pulled off the driveway and are in the Car Line Loop, you may drop off anywhere along the sidewalk. In the morning, when we are busy, you do not need to wait until you are up at the flagpole to drop off. We can unload 5-6 cars at once :)
  • Our new school day ends at 3:10; Pick up at end of day runs from 3:10 to about 3:30.
  • There is crossover where the buses need to pull around the car line to get to the bus lane. This happens more often in the afternoons.
  • As long as all drivers are cautious, everything runs smoothly.
  • The driveway gets backed up at the end of the day, but once we start moving, it goes quickly; We load 4-5 cars at once in the afternoon.
  • If the cars in front of you have not dropped off or picked up in the afternoon, it is ok to safely pass cars and proceed through the Car Line Loop.

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class of 2019 fifth graders--we will miss you!