knife sharpener reviews

knife sharpener reviews

What is the Best Knife Sharpener

If youre looking into finding the best knife sharpener, chances are youve already taken the plunge into buying good knives. Regardless of your knives quality and material, even the best metals and steels can become dull or misaligned over extended periods of use. Sharpening your knives is the best means of extending the longevity and efficacy of your knives but which knife sharpener is best for you or what is the best knife sharpener?

Manual Knife Sharpeners

A Sharpening Stone/Whetstone ($10-$50) is the traditional, time-tested means of sharpening a knife. Using a stone or block comprised of anything from ceramic to diamond, one is able to remove unwanted materials from the existing blade, resulting in a razor-sharp edge. While this works exceedingly well for kitchen and pocket knives, the whetstone does require time, effort and skill.

If youre still interested in going the manual route, but dont have the time or knowledge a sharpening stone requires, the pull-through sharpener may be your best bet. These sharpeners come in different shapes and sizes (matching the appropriate angles of your blade) and are quite efficient and easy to use ($20-$50+).

Electric Knife Sharpeners

The more expensive option (around $135+), the electric sharpener is speedy, effective and very user friendly. While your knives will gain a razor-sharp edge, control is a factor, as is storage space, price and (for some models) noise.

Using Electric Knife Sharpeners probably the easiest and the fastest method to get the best edge on your knives. Unfortunately this can also be the most complicated way. Each electric sharpener has its own specifications and hence a different way to get the best results.

Most electric sharpeners come equipped with special springs to hold the knife in place and at a perfect angle to give you the best results. You need to read the manual before you start using the knife sharpener. It will tell you how to get the best results and how to operate and clean the sharpener. Besides this it will also tell you if your sharpener has any such special springs.

These sharpeners are capable of creating a new edge on your knife and also create custom edges. Practice will help you develop perfect edges with this method. Remember to always consult the manual; else you might ruin a perfectly good knife.

Fast and easy to use.
You do not need to reuse this method on short breaks.
Produces a fine edge, while requiring minimum skill.
Many sharpeners are capable of polishing the blade as well.
Is automated, so requires very little input from your side.
Most sharpeners would have guiding systems to hold the knife in place.
There is very little possibility that you will ruin the edge of your knife.
Their running cost is not very cheap.
They tend to cut the steel from the edge to create a new one.
Require regular cleaning.
Are expensive to buy.
Take up space.
Can be noisy, but this is not true for all electric sharpeners.

When finding which is the best knife sharpener, choose one that perfectly matches your knife style and maximizes user practicality!

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