Love will change you forever

Theme: The things you love will always stay in your heart.

Title: Seekers- The Quest Begins

Author: Erin Hunter

Pages: 293


Three bears are starting a journey, they never have thought of before. These bears names are Kallik, Toklo, and Lusa. This story is third person omniscient. The setting varies for each bear. Kallik is a polar bear; therefore she lives in the Artic. She and her mother runs into trouble , the ice is melting. Sadly, Kallik mother dies due to a Okra attack. Toklo is a grizzly bear; therefore he lives in the forest. Toklo, Tobi, and there mother must climb a mountain to live happily ever after. On the way, Tobi dies and Toklo's mother abandoneds him. Lusa is a black bear and she lives in the zoo, until,she escapes! Will Kallik, Toklo and Lusa survive?

Theme Personal Connection

This book is very meaningful. It tells you that even how far away you are from the things/people you love, they will always be your heart. In my life, I had a cute little blue bird, I loved it so much! Then, one day my parents where cleaning the cage and it flew away. Though, I might not see it in person. That bird, I loved, will always be in my heart.

This Poster is by : Teja Chinta.