Welcome to Hoke County!

North Carolina

Hoke is a quaint little family town that is very welcoming to families!

Hoke is located in the coastal plain of North Carolina. It was founded in 1911 and was named for Robert F. Hoke who was a general in the American Civil War.

Hoke county Government!

In Hoke we try to get the community involved in our government. There are easy ways that you can do that either with the school board or sitting in on the council meetings. Members for the board of Elections are appointed and then chosen. The members on the board of elections set precinct lines, register voters, hear petitions and things like that.

County Comissoners

There are 5 county commissioners James leach who is the chairman, Allen Thomas Jr. who is the Vice-chairman, Harry Southerland, Robert Wright, and Tony Hunt
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Hokes county seat Raeford holds a county fair every year and it is the best of times for family and friends!