My Summer

Portland, Oregon, Washington state. and Vancouver, Canada

Portland, Oregon

Over summer we went to Oregon, Portland. We had a lot of fun on the first day we went to

Multnomah falls. Second day we went to four season Japanese garden it was beautiful.

Washington State

Next we drove for 2 hours and headed to Washington State Over there we went to Mt. Rainier where we drove all the way to the sum-it. On our way to the top there was a lot of snow and alot of waterfalls and a lot of plants.

Vancouver Canada

We then drove for 3 hours to Canada. On our drive there were beautiful views and tons of mountains. When we arrived we met my cousins first time and we all had a picnic at this park by the pacific ocean.


In the evening we went to this lovely Thai restaurant there was a really long wait but it was tasty. The downtown area was very dark and there were a lot of weird people.
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Coming back to Texas

It was a very fun trip but i was also very tired. Coming back on the plane there were a lot of pretty birds eye views. I was happy to be back home and i was grateful to have such a wonderful experience.
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