Spain Fashion & Culture

Krystiann Andrews

Daily Apparel for Men/Women

Men-Teenage boys are keen on designer wear and appearance is important to them. Mature Spaniards dress conservatively and with style. Older men in particular tend to wear high quality clothing.

Women-Teenage girls tend to wear trousers more than skirts. Denim is definitely 'in'. Long dresses or skirts are fine, as are trousers.

Traditional and Patterns of Clothing in Spain

The colors and history of Spanish culture are adorned with the mixed influences of classy and contemporary, cultivated and fashionable, modest and secular, multiple and diverse fusions. Alot of bright reds and oranges were used, not as much black more exuberant and vivid colors used. Patterns can vary from polka-dots and stripes to just classic white t-shirts!

What fashions are worn to celebrate this country's weddings, funerals , ect. ?

Black was the color of mourning, worn at funerals and for some time after the death of a loved one. For weddings, women will usually wear bright, vivid colored dresses, usually long and flowy with lots of various patterns. Men will usually dress in tuxes with a splash of color either in their tie or their jacket itself, (usually with expensive shoes/accessories)

How did the people of Spain obtain their clothing?

Spanish clothes shops stock a wide variety of clothes, as with any European country. On most high streets you will find top names such as River Island, Monsoon etc as well as some local shops that sell high quality clothing. On the coast you will find typical holiday maker shops where the quality of clothing may not be so good. Many families in Spain, especially the elders, will usually sew the clothing and most will be homemade.

What type of technology is used in Spain to manufacture individuals' clothing?

Sewing machines is a big product used in Spain to manufacture their clothes. (mostly for family use) A lot of the clothing manufactured in this country is usually done in factories with their largely advanced machinery producing at a much quicker pace.

How has the technology and culture of Spain influenced their fashion?

Though there was not a variety of technology used to create the clothing, homemade made it even better. The vibrant colors and exuberant patterns created for a fun, exciting look! The unique and bright colored dresses was what Spain was known for. Their exciting culture made all the parties/events even better with their up-tempo beats and flowy dresses!