The Battle of the Labyrinth

Action Packed and Suspicious!

How It Starts Off

You think most books have a really boring beginning, but you are wrong. The beginning of this book is action packed with lots of suspicion. You don't want to set this book down. This is just the beginning and it only gets better!

Middle of the Book

The quest everyone has been waiting for! Except, there is one person who is not ready, Percy. He has a really bad dream the night before the quest. At this point in his dreams, Percy is really worried. Now it is his time for the quest!

How It all Ends

Especially at the end, this book is really entertaining and you will not be able to put it down! Just like all books, you want to figure out how it ends and if everything is alright. So, is it? Publish this book for readers to figure out what happens.

Summary and Why It Is Great All Together

This is a really great book. Not once was I bored reading it. Compared to other books, this one held my interest . This book also had lots of suspense that made me keep reading. Everyone should read this book!

Main Characters

4 Parts of the Book

Theme: One of the many themes in this book is not everyone can live a normal life. Percy definitely does not have a normal life, yet you can still fight through it.

Setting: There are many settings in this story, but here are a few.

Goode High School, Camp Half-Blood, and the Labyrinth.

Climax: The climax of the story is when Percy has to go to the quest and solve many problems through the story.

Plot: Percy and Annabeth discover the entrance to the Labyrinth right in the middle of camp, and they realize that Luke is going to attack Camp Half-Blood from that entrance, if Luke can find Daedalus, the inventor of the Labyrinth, and convince him to help him. Annabeth leads a quest accompanied by Grover, Tyson, and of course, Percy, to try to convince Daedalus not to help Luke.