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Hello all.

Summer Is Just Around The Corner.

Summer break is almost here. Congratulations to our grade 7 kids moving on to high school! Stay a step ahead and check out tips below on activities, safety tips, summer parenting. This summer is going to be a hot one so you want to stay cool!

To make life more enjoyable, you can start with this....

Sibling Fighting, Backtalk and Yelling-It Must Be Summer



in the meantime play the gratitude game

"Morning school drives are now our fun times because we share what we love and are grateful for. I know it starts the day off right because we are focusing on all the good things. It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple things like "I'm grateful the sun is shining today" or "I'm grateful to spend time with my best friend." My sons moaned the first time I suggested this...haha! hey, they're 12 and 13....but then they admitted they had fun and it brought a smile to their faces." Mellisa www.shambalakids.com

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a meditation for the whole family

Colouring can trigger a state of flow. Colouring intricate designs is a activity for everyone. Below what a coloured in version looks like.

Open, Print, and Color This Page (pdf)

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if you continue to be concered about child anxiety, check this site out over the summer

Parenting an anxious child isn’t easy. At times, even the best-intentioned parents are overwhelmed trying to manage daily life with a child living with anxiety. Plans, expectations and dreams for your family can seem lost. Yet you play an important role in helping your child and that keeps you going.

The online BC FRIENDS Parent Program has launched a series of new videos to enhance the resources currently available to parents in British Columbia, including:

Fun FRIENDS (Early Years) website is for parents of children aged 4 to 7 who are in kindergarten and grade one; and

The Child-Youth website is for parents of children and youth aged 9 to 13, and has recently been updated with new parent videos and information.

These websites – including video segments and corresponding materials – are not meant to replace the services or expertise of your doctor or any professional you may be working with. The sites are for educational purposes only.

community resources

Special Events This Month

Early Years Health Fair

Saturday June 13th from 10-2 at Exploration Place. Free information, games, activities and family fun for children ages 0-6. For more information call 250-565- 2596 or email: Tkachuk, Jennifer Jennifer.Tkachuk@northernhealth.ca

Rainbows Fall 2015 session will start in September. Rainbows is a grief and loss program for children and teens who have experienced a painful transition from death, divorce, separation, neglect or abandonment. We have levels for children/teens ages 5-15 years old. There is no charge for this program. Please call Catherine at Hospice 250-563-2551 for any information. Rainbows is held at 1506 Ferry Ave.

click below to read the parent village brochure with all activities


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and at the YMCA

Summer Children's Recreational Programs (5-12 years)

Keep your children active and engaged all summer long! Each program is designed to expand their mind, challenge them to think outside the box, encourage them to try new things, and help them to develop the movement skills needed to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Download our weekly program descriptions

Registration is per/week for either:

Morning (9:00am – 12:00pm) OR Afternoon (2:00pm – 5:00pm)


Members $35/ week, Non-members $115/week.
Holiday Weeks (Jun 29 - Jul 3 & Aug 4 - Aug 7) Members $35, Non-members $90

Children should come prepared with a water bottle, snack and be prepared to go outside (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, raincoats, etc).

Call 250-562-9341 for more information or to register » Download the registration form here!

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"See" you in the fall!

linda campbell

itinerant school counsellor


to look at all past flyers, please click here https://www.smore.com/u/lindacampbell9