Troop 179 Committee Meeting Notes

March 21, 2016

Attendees: Marcie Baldwin, Charles Barkley, Robert Compton, Angie French, William Pifer, Mike Graham, Diana Lehr, Mark Lovrich, Lendall Mefford, James Munzlinger, Marsha Oliver, Jeromey Sims, Deanna White, Chrystal Riddell, Robbie Hoover

Outdoor Activities- Angie French

  • The hike at Eagle Mountain was a success. 10 scouts attended along with 9 adults and 15 weebalos
  • January camp out Fort Jackson
  • A youth state park pass will be purchased. This will allow the troop entrance to all state parks. The troop will receive two id cards. Mr. Sims and Mr. Barkley will hold cards. The pass will cost $100 and be good for 1 year.
  • Summer Camp will be at Worth Ranch the week of June 19-25
  • July 12-18 Aquatics school - located in at Worth Ranch. The cost is around $230 and all water badges will be offered. They are in need of life guards.

Secretary - Deanna White

No report given

Treasurer- Mike Graham

Advancement Coordinator- Diana Lehr

Training- Marcie Baldwin-

Equipment Coordinator- Robert Compton

  • Mr. Compton reports the trailer will be complete by Camporee
  • Mr. Baldwin got plywood for the trailer donated. Thank you Mr. Baldwin!
  • Mr. Baldwin also donated a kit to repair damaged tents.
  • Six stove stems need to be purchased

OA Report- TBD

  • The troop will be assisting with 525 crossover ceremony on February 1st at church.
  • District level is low. They are unable to hold a vote due to the low attendance. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month.

Chaplain- Chris Lehr

  • no report given

Friends of Scouting- Deanna White

  • Mr. Barkley was concerned that it was difficult to arrange their attendance at our last court of honor. Mr. Barkley will be addressing the concern.

Eagle Project Coach- William French/Mark Lovrich

  • no report given

Journey to Excellence- William Pifer

  • no report given

High Adventure- Jeromey Sims

  • The troop is planning to register for Sea Base on January 15th
  • The troop is looking into some camp outs at locations like Big Bend, Carlsbad, or Guadalupe Mountain in late July.

Troop Handbook-Chris Stancil/James Munzlingerr

  • no report given

Scoutmaster- Charles Barkley

  • The boys will have the opportunity to help pack 525 with their Blue and Gold. They will be able to earn service hours.
  • The troop will be working the Cowtown Marathon again this year. Watch for sign up genius.

Old Business

  • no report given

New Business

  • Chrystal Riddell and James Munzlinger will be helping with Camp Cards this year. The cards will help the boys put money in their scout accounts.