The Monday Message

Office of the Principal; Monday, October 19, 2015

Quote for the Week!

“Life will never be perfect for those of us who choose to teach. Children’s lives aren’t perfect either. But we can choose to be still, be patient, and connect. That’s the space where we discover empathy within for those who need us the most.” ~ Pamela Moran, Virginia Superintendent

The Week Ahead

October - LGBT History Month

Monday 10/19/15 - Admin Mtg (9-11:30, Cafe'), G20~SLT (3:50-4:50pm, Rm 401), SIC/PTSO Meeting (5:30pm, FCR)

Tuesday 10/20/15 - World Statistics Day, Dress to Impress Day (All Students and Staff), Chinese Delegation Visits IMS (9:00am, Designed Classrooms), Department Meetings (3:50pm, Designated Classrooms), Volleyball vs Dutch Fork (5:30pm, Gymnasium)

Wednesday 10/21/15 - Late Start for Students (8:45am; All Certified Staff ~ EL PD, 8-9am in the Media Center, Report time is 7:50), Principal's Meeting (11:30-4:30pm, DO), Jacket Walk (3:20pm), C-Team FB Game @ Dutch Fork (5:30pm, DFHS Stadium)

Thursday 10/22/15 - Smart is Cool Day, Bus Evacuation Drill (7:30-8:30am, Bus Loop), Crew Community Meeting (8:20-9:05; Cafe', Gym, Media Center), Magnet Video Filming (all day, designated classrooms), SAMR PD (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th; Media Center), C-Team Volleyball @ Chapin MS (5:30pm)

Friday 10/23/15 - Make-Up Pictures (Media Center)

Saturday 10/24/15 - United Nations Day, Volleyball PAC Tournament

Late Start Professional Development

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 7:45-9am

IMS Media Center

Late Start Itinerary

7:50am – All Staff (Certified and Support) Report

7:55am – 8:45am Part 1 -7:55am – 8:20am Part 2 (8:20am -8:45am)

Early Arrival Duty in Café (Part 1) –DuPre, Clarkson, Cullinan, Eichelberger

Early Arrival Duty in the Café (Part 2) – Ayers, Clayton, Redick, Day

Early Arrival Duty in Front of School (Part 1) – Coston

Early Arrival Duty in Front of School (Part 2) – Tharp

Early Arrival 8th grade side (Part 1) – Jones

Early Arrival 8th Grade Side (Part 2) – Geiger

Early Arrival 6/7th Grade Side (Part 1) – Koon

Early Arrival 6/7th Grade Side (Part 2) – Stephenson

Early Arrival Gym Area (Part 1) - Hipps

Early Arrival Gym Area (Part 2)- McNeil

Early Arrival and Supervision of SPED Students - Remaining SPED Assistants

8:00am – PD Begins in the Media Center (Certified Staff)

8:45am – Buses Start Arriving – Certified Staff assigned to “M” Duty (Wednesdays) are dismissed from PD to report to their duty location

9:00am – Conclude PD, teaches dismissed to classrooms

9:10am - Teachers outside classroom doors

9:13am – Students dismissed to classes

9:20am – Classes begin, follow the modified schedule below or click the link here

Share Fair Nation (Rescheduled)

Saturday, March 12th 2016 at 9-11am

Irmo High School

March 12, 2016

Save the date! Share Fair Nation is coming to District Five!

Join us at Irmo High School on Saturday, November 14th, for a transformative—and fun—learning adventure! We’re helping teachers bring innovation and technology into their classrooms, and we’re teaching kids to love STEAM—science, technology, engineering, the arts and math—with hands-on, interactive activities and experiments.

Join us for this (optional) FREE, exciting event!

Duty Roster

Click here for the Duty Roster

Monday - I Group on duty (PK Jones PM Duty)

Tuesday - R Group on duty (G. Hutto PM Duty)

Wednesday - M Group on duty (V. Sava + D. Major-Murphy PM Duty)

Thursday - O Group on duty (N. Godfrey PM Duty)

Friday - I Group on duty (V. Sava PM Duty)

Tasks to Complete This Week!

Tasks to Complete This Week!

1. Teach like a champion every period, every day!

2. We are asking all teachers and staff to dress to impress Tuesday (Males; Shirts & Ties, Females: Dresses, Blouses, Business Suits),

3. Attend and actively participate in Tuesday's Department Meetings (Designated Classrooms)

4. Prepare your students for the Magnet Video Filming (Thursday). Make sure everyone wears their Crew shirts Thursday.

5. Incorporate at least one of the Global Themes into your classroom activities, lessons, etc. See a listing of resources here and here.

6. Make sure all gradebooks are updated. Contact the parents of all students who are underperforming/failing and provide a plan for remediation and assistance.

7. Everyone report to duty as scheduled. See roster here.

8. Read the Monday Message in its entirety (including the articles linked and inserted). Also view the video clips, reflect, and adjust your practices where needed.

October Staff Birthdays

Haley Calore – 10/3

Kelly Williams – 10/3

Sheila Inabinet – 10/5

Shannon Avery – 10/8

Deborah Burkett – 10/14

Janet Hudson – 10/20

Tonya Scicere – 10/21

Clare Bellucci – 10/22

Please join me in wishing these staff members a happy birthday.

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1. Mr. McCloy, 8th Grade Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Ranly, Mrs. Clarkson, Mr. Hutto, Mrs. Constante - The PSAT is one of those assessments that allow us to determine if our students are progressing towards being college and career ready. Prior to this year's assessment, we were out of school for a week and facing an unusual deficit of test takers which could have resulted in a significantly large amount of unused test booklet fees. Thanks to the hard work and diligence of Mr. McCloy, all 8th Grade Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Mrs. Cook, Mr. Ranly, Mr. McCloy, Mr. Hutto and Mrs. Constante, we were able to test our normal number of students. I want to take a moment to extend a huge iAM shout out to everybody at IMS who helped with the PSAT registration and test administration process. iAM so proud of you for being examples of excellence last week. Please join me in recognizing all these individuals for their outstanding practices. Let's give everyone who participated in the PSAT preparation and test administration a huge iAM shout out.
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  1. Updating Gradebooks - With the end of the 1st nine weeks looming, it is critically important that all teachers update their gradebooks so that it accurately reflects current averages and assignments. I will be running a gradebook report by the middle of the week to assess our status and make the needed adjustments/contacts.
  2. Contacting Parents - If you have any students that are underperforming/failing, it is required that you contact parents and work with them to develop a plan for improvement/assistance.
  3. The Instructional Message - In an effort to improve district-wide communications pertaining to teaching, learning, and assessment, the Instructional Division at the DO has created a one-stop Google Site for all information. It is linked above and here for your review and follow-through. Please take a moment to review.
  4. Jacket Walk - In place of our annual fall pep rally next Wednesday, we will be having a "Jacket Walk" in which all of our fall athletes will participate in a parade around campus. Teachers will escort their 6th period class into the hallway at 3:20pm. Students will prepare for this event in Tuesday's Crew.
  5. Supervising Students - Disappointedly, I observed way too many students wandering the hallways Thursday and Friday. I need all teachers to keep students in class. If there is an emergency, please utilize your hall passes. Students should never be out of class the first and last ten minutes of class. If something were to happen to a student who a teacher let out of class, we would be dealing with a liability issue. Keep students in class so they can learn and achieve.
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From Mrs. Young

Teacher Technology Integration Resources (Reminder) - In an effort to streamline your access to technology integration ideas and resources, the following tools are available:

  1. IMS Technology 2015 Drive folder
  2. "Teacher Toolkit" Google Sites page

Please add the Drive folder to your personal drive and bookmark the Sites page for your convenience.

Planning for students without devices - I have spoken with a few parents in the past few weeks who have concerns that their children are falling behind because they do not have Chromebooks. Please make sure that you are planning and making arrangements for those students without devices to ensure that they are able to successfully complete their work. By this time, you should have a good idea of which students in your classes do not have devices. If not, you can reference this spreadsheet.

Remember there are iPads in the media center that you may check out. Please contact Mrs. Williams or Mrs. Koon to reserve. Too, we do have a computer lab (812) and the media center lab that may be checked out. Please sign up on the media center calendar.

SAMR - Looking for a way to hit the R on the SAMR model and make some global connections? For one possible idea, read Alice Keeler's post.

Optional SAMR training will be held Thursday during 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6th periods in the media center. This training will give an overview of SAMR and provide some guidelines for transforming lessons using this model.

Google Review of IMS - With so many great things happening at IMS, it's important that we not only celebrate our successes internally, but also highlight those achievements for our community and the world. We encourage you to help us do this by writing a positive Google review. To do so, click here. In the box on the right with IMS's information, click the link for "Write a Review". You will have the opportunity to rate the school and provide comments. Your review will be posted on the web under your name.

Closing Thoughts

This week's Monday Message contains a calendar to guide our week ahead and events on the horizon. As I reflected on my classroom visits last week, I couldn't help but notice a pattern across campus. Nearly every class visited, towards the end of the class, students would begin lining up at the door, despite several minutes remaining before the bell was scheduled to ring. I often hear teachers asking for more instructional time. I am wondering if we are making the most of the time we currently have. In my weekly professional reading, I ran across an article entitled: Learning time loss: Why Bell-to-Bell Learning Matters! I want everyone to read and reflect.

Imagine this scenario: You teach at least 5 classes or 5 hours a day (this accounts for both elementary and secondary teachers). Each 1 hour block takes about 5 minutes to get started and ends about 5 minutes early.

This means that roughly 10 minutes out of every 60 minutes are underutilized. Over the course of the day, this means that roughly 50 minutes out of every 300 minutes are not focused on learning.

Over the course of a typical 5 day week there will be 250 minutes not spent on learning out of a total 1,500 potential learning minutes.

Over the course of a typical school year of 180 school days there will be 8,700 minutes not utilized for learning.

Now, let's be realistic and cut that number in half because we all know there are assemblies and other events that cut into learning time throughout the school year. That leaves us with 4,350 minutes of time not spent learning.

4,350 total underutilized minutes divided by a typical 300 minute school day =14.5 days per school year are slipping through our fingers.

Does every minute need to focused on learning, of course not. Are there times when kids and educators need a few moments to simply 'breathe,' of course there are.

It's unrealistic to think every minute can be focused on learning.

However, even with conservative numbers, almost three weeks of school each year are being lost. In other words, 8.3% of a student's year in a 36 week school year. And, there's one thing all educators can agree with... time is precious and we always need more of it.

Let's really focus on making sure we are maximizing the time we have. This can be done by fully planning your lessons and being intentional with unpacking Learning Targets with students and fully engaging them in the Debrief at the end of the lesson. To help with the debrief, I have included a list of protocols (here and below) that can be used at the end of a lesson.

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

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