My True Colors

Brenden VanHorn 2nd hour

My Childhood

When i was younger, i used to be very adventurous. i used to walk around in the woods and climb the trees. it was loads of fun. i also liked to ride around on the four wheeler.

sometimes i played on the swing set, other times i would look for different bugs like centipedes, pill bugs, and anything else you can think of. i also liked to play in the house. like running around the house and playing with toys in my bedroom.


I seek a relationship with shared activities and interests and i also try and explore new ways to energize the relationship. i enjoy giving gifts that bring obvious pleasure to special people in my life.


I am satisfied with careers that allow me independence and freedom, while utilizing my physical coordination

My leadership style

i expect quick action, flexible approach. i also work in the here and now, performance oriented, and i expect people to make it fun.

Symptoms of a bad day

i usually stay quiet and just sit down somewhere. i would do nothing. i would just sit down for hours on end on the couch or on my bed. sometimes i would go outside and go for silent walks without telling my parents, but this happens rarely.
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