EMS Newsletter

April 16, 2021

Good afternoon EMS families,

Edmunds Middle School will be bringing all hybrid students back on-site 4 days per week starting on April 26. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

I am sending this newsletter in order to share some of the new guidance and to let you know about changes that students will experience when they return from break.

New guidance:

  • 3-feet of physical distance between students when masks are worn.

  • When eating and masks are off: 3-feet of distance for Pre-K through 6 and 6-feet of distance for grades 7-12.

  • Pods can be crossed if it is for educational purposes.

  • Health screening should be conducted at home.

  • There are many more changes. However, these are the changes that create the most impact.

School changes after break:

  • Students will line up outside, in the mornings, as we did in the fall. On rainy days, we will utilize the gym as we currently do.

  • Students will enter the building at 8am.

  • Please have your child arrive as close to 8am as possible.

  • GMT may experience an increase in students who require transportation. If possible, please drop your child off at school or (if it is safe to do so) encourage them to ride their bike or walk.

  • For lunch, students will eat outdoors as the default. On rainy days, students will eat in classrooms.

Other Important Information

  • SBAC testing will begin May 3.

  • We are currently planning a “Celebration of Learning/Promotion” ceremony on the afternoon of June 14. It will be conducted outdoors at the original BHS campus. Each student will receive two “tickets” for family member attendance in order for us to comply with Covid guidelines. June 15 will be the rain date.

  • Information regarding the remote exploratory classes is below.

I hope that you have a safe and relaxing break. We are already looking forward to having the students return on April 26.

James Kiefer

Transitions: Remote → In-Person Electives

We are shifting our remote electives to in-person learning opportunities to the greatest extent possible. These shifts impact French, Spanish, World Languages, Band, Chorus & Orchestra. These classes were offered during remote learning days up to now. Since we are shifting to four days of in-person learning on April 26, we have creatively folded them into our current on-site schedule so that students can choose to continue their study of these subjects. While we know the solution is not perfect, it is the solution that protects access to as many students as possible, to as many electives as possible. Our goal in designing this transition is to give our remote elective students the option to continue their electives, while creating as little disruption to their on-site schedules as possible. Nevertheless, there will be disruption to pre-existing Exploratory classes, as well as some afternoon Core classes. The overview of the integration of these electives is below. Family letters with scheduling will go out to each impacted student today and tomorrow.

Big picture

Meal Kits Available

The Burlington School Food Project will be distributing Meal Kits at our regular sites, and at our regular times on both Wednesday and Friday over break. Hope to see you there!

Travel Guidelines

Traveling over Break?

We hope you have a great time! Please remember state expectations around travel as you come back to school on April 26th! Upon return to Vermont, the expectation is to get a PCR test within 72 hours of your return. No quarantine is required while you wait for these results.

When we return from break, screenings will only be done at home. Please take your child’s temperature before school each day. If their temperature is 100.4 or over, or if your child has any symptoms, keep your child home and call your primary care provider.