Kindergarten @ Golbow

May 28- June 5

Counting our last days in Kindergarten!

Things happening around Golbow...

Celebration of Learning -Award ceremony in our classrooms...

Wed. June 4 ...12:00-1230

The children will be recognized and really like having their parents there for this special end of year ceremony.

End of Year Party (no siblings allowed)- Wed. June 4... 2:30-3:15

(Look for a note to tell you what food to send to the party.)

Last Day of School ...June 5th ..Dismissal at 12:40 - Do not bring backpacks this day please!

No more homework

We are finished with homework for the year. There will still be small readers to practice and if extra workbooks are sent home, please use these to work with your child over the summer. Please take the time to go through your children's precious writing papers with them and see what progress they have made through the year.

Keep Reading!!!!

According to a recent report...children who read at least 6 books during the summer holidays are able to maintain their reading level over the summer. Make plans to schedule reading into your child's summer holidays. It is the greatest gift that you will give to them and to their next year's teacher! They have come so far in their progress...please help them continue to flourish as readers!