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College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

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Registration open to all degree seeking continuing students for registration adds, drops, and changes.


Winter Session 2015 - 2016 Registration begins November 16, 2015 Winter Schedule of Classes available October 12, 2015 Session: December 21, 2015 - January 12, 2016


NSC 255 - Food & Culture

NSC 255 counts towards a Tier II INDV and can be used as an emphasis course for those in the nutrition option.
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NSC 396A - Career Seminar

During Priority Registration the online section of this course was restricted to students with course conflicts. However, the online section of this course will open up next week to everyone. Feel free to switch between the in-person and online section of this course.

Dietetic & Nutrition Freshman

Have you completed or enrolled in NSC 101?

NSC 101 is your intro to nutrition course. It is important that you take this course during your freshman year. It a prerequisite for future upper level nutrition courses.

If you need enrolling assistance or have any questions, feel free to stop by during walk-ins next week! You can also email NSC Advising a screen shot of your spring class schedule and an advisor will review your schedule to make sure you are on track.

Get Involved - It is important to start your UA involvement early. It is not to late to join the Nutrition Club! http://nutrition.cals.arizona.edu/nutritional-science-club

Dietetic & Nutrition Sophomores

It is important that you are moving along in your sciences (Chem, bio and psio) so that you will be on track for Junior Nutrition courses in Fall 2016. If you are struggling in your sciences, please make an appointment with an NSC Advisor to discuss your options.

Dietetic & Nutrition Juniors

Are you planning on graduating in Spring 2017?

Dietetic Juniors: Please set up an appointment with your NSC Advisor to discuss your upcoming semesters. It is important that you are on track in your program and that you are a competitive applicant for dietetic internships.

Please visit this link for more information regarding dietetic internships:


Nutrition Juniors: If you are planning on applying to a professional program (Med school, PA, Pharmacy, etc...) please schedule an appointment to meet with your NSC Advisor along with your Pre-Health Advisor. NSC Advisors can help you select appropriate emphasis courses, while Pre-Health Advisors will help you with the application process for your schools of choice.


Dietetic & Nutrition Seniors

Are you graduating in Spring 2016?

Please apply for graduation on your UAccess homepage

This can be viewed on the right hand side of your UAccess homepage. The first step is to apply for graduation. The second step is to schedule an appointment with an advisor to complete your Degree Audit Worksheet.
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