Dichotomous Key for Bugs

By: Chris Montgomery

The Dichotomous Key

1a: Can fly go to 2

1b: Can't fly go to 3

2a: big, long wings: Butterous Flyous

2b: Short, slender wings go to 4

3a: has legs go to 5

3b: no legs: Wormious

4a: sucks blood: Mosquitous Suckocks

4b: does not suck blood go to 6

5a: multiple eyes: Spiderious scarious

5b: two eyes go to 7

6a: multicolored go to 8

6b: one main color: Flyotous

7a: thin body go to 10

7b: Big body: Bed bugsine

8a: has spots: Ladiois Bugos

8b: no spots go to 9

9: Has stripes: Bumble Beeous

10a: lives in trees: Stickiois Bugos

10b: does not live in trees go to 11

11: Lives on ground/ underground: Antomois

answer key:

Lady Bug: Ladiois Bugos

Bumble Bee: Bumble Beeous

Mosquito: Mosquitous Suckocks

Stick Bug: Stickiois Bugos

Spider: Spiderious scarious

Ant: Antomois

Bed Bug: Bed Bugsine

Fly: Flyotous

Butterfly: Butterous Flyous

Worm: Wormious