Come to Detroit!

By: Bobby B.

Detroit ?

Other than the fact that Detroit is home to some of the world most famous celebrities and sport teams such as Eminem, Big Sean, Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons you might not think Detroit is the ideal vacation spot for you but think no further in this flyer I will explain to you why you should come to detroit.

Why is Detroit Ideal for you ?

You are guaranteed to have the time of your life right from the minute you reach Detroit. There is many great things to do such as visiting The Detroit Institute of Art or MGM Grand Detroit. But if you are not fond of art or gambling don't worry because if you love cars Detroit is ideal because it is the capital of the automobile industry in the United States. With all of the fun things to do in Detroit, finding an exciting adventure is easy. Below I have listed some great attractions that you should definitely visit on your trip to Detroit.

Some attractions!

Fun for the whole Family!

If you have doubts on if Detroit is a good vacation for the whole family, erase those doubts right now because Detroit has many fun and entertaining attractions for children such as the Detroit Zoo.

Detroit ? Why not ?!