Southeast Asia

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-Two major regions between India and China

-Several peninsulas and over 2000 islands

-Countries include Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and part of Malaysia

-Separated by mountains and many plateaus

-River valleys were home to many early civilizations

-High volcanic activity

-Lies between the tropics

-Fertile plains suitable for rice crops

-Oceans are shallow and warm

-Islands are usually covered in jungles


Pagan Kingdom-


Kyaswa, best leader

Located in Burma

Khmer Empire-


Largely formed by Indian cultural influences

Fought repeated wars against the Annamese

They invaded Champa

1434- The Thai captured Angkor, fall of empire

Srivijaya Empire-


Mahayana Buddhism

Became stopping point for Chinese Buddhist pilgrims on their way to India

1000- controlled most of Java

1025- Chola seized Palembang, captured the king and carried off his treasures, and also attacked other parts of the kingdom

Became smaller after 12th century

Interesting Facts


Pagan Empire

  • King Anawratha filled capital city with magnificent stupas (domestic shaped shrines)
  • They were a monarchy
  • They had extravagant temples

Khmer Empire

  • Adapted Indian writing, mathematics, architecture, and art
  • Rulers became pious Hindus and saw themselves as god-kings
  • King Suryavarman II built the great temple complex at Angkor Wat

  • An accomplishment is large scale irrigation

Srivijaya Empire

  • They controlled the Strait of Malacca
  • Their peak leader was Srimat Trailokyaraja Maulibhusana

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