A very friendly, fun environment for the whole family.

Sweetsville fun

In Sweetsville, we have a bunch of things to do for the whole family. The young children always love going to the candy store. We have the biggest candy store in the universe. We give amazing tours of the castle for the adults. Our castle is the most famous tourist attraction in the world. The castle is a 100 ft. tall, and 40 ft. wide. Sweetsville has so many more things to do if you go to the castle and ask for a sheet of them. They are free!


In Sweetsville we are most famous for our candy. We easily have over ten million types of candy. For our candy it takes 1 hour to make 100 thousand pieces of candy. In Sweetsville if we don't have a candy or sweet you want we will make 15 pieces of that candy for you free.

Call Soon!!!!

If you call in 30 days we will have your first hotel night free and your second night 50% off. Your family will also be able to watch a movie at the movie theater free and one free choice of candy. So call soon, and you will get all of this for just $30.