Lawver Successline Team Recognition

August 2015

Magic of Manhattan Earners

Congrats to Shannon and Nikki for leading by example and Building it BIG in your central districts! Have so much fun in NYC - You deserve it!

Nikki Smith

Shannon Wenzel

District Managers in Qualification

Alisha Kolasinski

Angie Gross

Bailey Teague

Brenda Denning

Caronline Cabellero

Cheryl Detloff

Crystal Embleton

Dana Chacon

Deb Belleveau

Denise Kiel

Emily Lashley

Emily Purdon

Jeanie Neier

Jenna Collins

Jennifer Yoder

Jessica Stout

Katie Patton

Kelcy Nelson

Kristy Williams

LeeAnn Libby

Lisa Miller

Mackenzie Meyers

Mandy Soley

Mary Thorne

Michelle Lundsten

Renee Vincelli

Stephanie Mowery

Stephanie Watson

Susie Parish

Tebecca Flynn

Traci Oswald

New District Managers

Jessica Haught

Karine Cruse

Kate Sollman

Marie Vargas

Misti Mellinger

Sarah Schleich

District Manager Bonus Earners

Aimee Godek

Carrie Kane

Cathy Knotts

Cindy Padavick

Danielle Lawver

Heather Ivan

Kim Doerr

Laura Lance

Lisa Mayne

Marsha Schave

Mickey Lawver

Nikki Smith

Shannon Wenzel

Tara Hersey

Tara Landies

Area Manager Bonus Earners

Carrie Kane

Danielle Lawver

Emily Bryte

Laura Lance

Nikki Smith

Shannon Wenzel

RVP Bonus Earners

Carrie Kane

Mickey Lawver

Shannon Wenzel

Top Personal Sales

Heather Ivan – $9,448

Shannon Wenzel - $8,694

Lauren Patrick - $6,505

Lisa Mayne – $6,277

Tara Hersey – $5,962

Sarah Schleich – $5,600

Tara Landies - $5,505

Cynthia Padavick - $4,748

Barbara Zoller - $4,344

Laura Lance - $4,340

Jeanie Neier – $4,041

Top Personal Sponsoring

Tara Landies - 9

Carrie Kane - 6

Abbey Valentine - 6

Lisa Miller - 6

Suzi Barkley – 6

Lisa Mayne - 6

Nikki Smith- 6

Jeanie Nieir – 6

Jessica Haught - 5

Sarah Schleich - 5

Shannon Wenzel - 5

Lisa Deck - 5

Top District Sales

Nikki Smith - $21,606

Shannon Wenzel- $15,988

Mickey Lawver - $13,387

Heather Ivan - $10,788

Cynthia Padavick - $8,767

Laura Lance - $8,575

Carrie Kane - $8,121

Jill Josselson - $8,058

Lisa Deck - $7,291

Lisa Mayne - $7,150

Marsha Schave - $6,041

Congrats to these lovely ladies for their great achievements this month in Top Sales & Sponsoring!

8/10 Raffle

No entries this month but so many of you were soooo close!!! Keep plugging away and make it your goal to be entered TWICE at the Oct Meeting!! This will be a game changer in your business and create MASSIVE momentum!

40 Faces Raffle

Allison Hansen

Lisa Mayne

Kelsey Nelson

Sarah Schleich

Shannon Wenzel

Your NVP Team - Danielle Lawver, Carrie Kane & Nikki Smith

Congrats to every one for an awesome month!