December 2014 Newsletter

11 Days to Go!

November was a short month, and December will be even shorter for us! Read on to learn about some happenings in your library media center!

GCS Reads 20

As most of you know, our reading incentive program this year is the DISTRICT incentive program : GCS Reads 20.

However, our numbers are declining as the year progresses. So, let's kick it into high gear and encourage all students to record their minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

How do students record minutes? Easy! They simply click on the "GCS Reads 20 Minutes Log" app on their tablets, type in the information, and then hit submit!

This quarter we had one winner from each grade (top readers) and one "Viking winner" that was randomly drawn from all of the students who had entered their minutes at least once. Please help me remind students that even if they do not ready 1000 minutes a day, they can still win some cool prizes just by entering in their minutes every day!

Holidays Around the Globe

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TItleWish Promotion - Help us buy books for the library


  • Titlewish displays a percentage graph on the campaign page that increases as donations are made. It does not give a dollar amount.
  • Donor Lists in the form of an excel spreadsheet will be available once the campaign closes, and is finalized (meaning all of the credit card charges have cleared.) I can email them to the contact at that time. This occurs usually 10 days after the last day.
  • Keep in mind, this is not a program that allows for company matches as Follett is not a 5013c organization.


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Teachers, I am looking for responsible and self-driven students to assist me in the library. If you have students who meet these descriptors, please send them my way. I have allowed the students already working with me to come during lunch and when they finish assignments early if their teachers allow. It is totally up to you whether the student is allowed to come to the library during your class, but please allow them to come during lunch if they wish.

Projects we are working on:

Genrefying the Fiction section

Weeding and reorganizing the Nonfiction section

Weeding the Reference section

App Approval Rubric

If you want to get an app approved for the tablets, you must submit the rubric below to me. The MTAC committee will then meet to discuss.

The digital, auto-calculation version of the app approval rubric is now available here. The old-school printable version is here

Collaborate with Me!

I know you are busy, and have so much ground to cover. But did you know that schools that utilize their library media center often have higher test scores? Who doesn't want that? :)

So whatever it is you are working on, I can help! Some topics we can co-teach:

  • research
  • tablet projects
  • digital tools
  • library information
  • netiquette (etiquette online)

and the list goes on...

So contact me at your convenience to discuss a way in which I can help enrich your students' education through research, information, and literacy!