Shippensburg University

PreK-8 Special Education Dual Certification Program

About the College

Cumberland Valley State Normal School was founded in 1871. Shippensburg University is only 36 miles from this room. It was renamed Shippensburg University on July 1st, 1983. it also has an on site Daycare and Elementary School, The Luhrs University Elementary School and the Bartos Child and Family Center.

About the Program

This program helps students that want to be on the fast track to becoming a special education teacher or just make it easier to get a teaching job. You start off getting a elementary teacher to shadow while you are doing your general classes.

Then your softmore year you begin shadowing a teacher in a racially diverse school.

Life After Getting My Degree

Most school districts will hire someone with a dual degree faster, because they are more flexible. They can change you from different grades or into a special education. for the most part you are a normal teacher, Except for some of the material you teach and of course your students disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions