What's Happening

A few things to consider in regard to Fruitport Teachers

A quick history of bargaining

For years, the Fruitport Education Association has given concession after concession in an effort to help the district stabilize after drastic cuts to funding from our state government. These deep cuts were deemed necessary and temporary by both the FEA and the district in times of great distress for public education. Millions of dollars have been forgone by the teaching staff through these concessions over the past six years. Examples of items given up temporarily to help Fruitport Community Schools weather the storm in Lansing are as follows:

4+ Years of Wage and Step Increase (pay for experience) Freezes

District retirement contributions frozen

Tuition reimbursement frozen

Certificate renewal reimbursement frozen

Annual increases in insurance premiums.

Any one or two of these elements in-and-of-itself might not be cause for alarm, but the repeated loss of all of them at once, and over the course of a six year period has taken a toll on each and every employee in the district. These dramatic cuts earnings have caused great hardship, and now that the dust has settled and funding has stabilized we are asking that the district keep its word and lift some of the temporary freezes that have been associated with our conditions of employment.

Consider this...

Fruitport Teachers and Professional Staff have been frozen for 4 out of the 5 past years

Insurance costs have risen by $492.84 a month since 2010

A teacher with 5 years experience has lost $120,000 in lifetime earnings due to freezes

A teacher 6 years away form retirement will see a decrease of $2,000 a year in their pension earnings.

The Grim Effects of A Freeze

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