Resources from the Oak Ridge LMC

August and September 2013

August is...

American Artist Appreciation Month

National Inventor Month

September Is...

National Classical Music Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

National Library Card Sign Up Month

National Preparedness Month

Special Days...

August 9 Book Lover Day

August 16 National Tell a Joke Day

August 18-25 Friendship Day

September 2 Labor Day

September 6 National Read a Good Book Day

September 16 National Collect Rocks Day

September 19 National Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 24 National Punctuation Day

September 25 National Comic Book Day

September 26 Johnny Appleseed Day

Tech Resource of the Month-S'More Electronic Newsletters

S'more is a free website that allows you to easily make very attractive electronic newsletters. Give it a try!

Every Monday Matters: A social service club that takes place during school

In May, the district librarians were awarded a grant to buy books for our libraries to support the new science curriculum and to create simple environmental/social service activites for our students that will help them make connections to what they learn. We are hoping that they will learn that together our small changes can make a big, and postive, impact. We will be implementing these activities in the library during the last week of the month. We would welcome any suggestions and ideas that you think would support this project! Thanks!