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Start your day off right...

Happy Friday!

Here are some updates/notes from my Leadership Team Meeting this month:
  • Please have your Tower Plan completed by next Friday, September 23rd. I will review your plan and send you an email to let you know I saw it. I will start Tower visits next week and if you are on cycle you will also be getting an email from me (next week).


  • You will get an email from IT w/specific instructions.
  • November 1st-4th-On the 1st they will come and move files for you and leave them for you to double-check to ensure that all files were moved, then come back to take on the 4th.
  • A single monitor will be left when they take your desktop. This can be connected to your hp if you want to use a stationary monitor.
  • Library will keep a circulation machine (this will not be removed).
  • Non-Certified staff will keep their desktops.
  • This removal process is for teacher devices and is not specific to student devices so SPED will get an update from SPED regarding student devices.


  • EVERY staff member will receive a GRFC check this year by November 18th. Why? The goal is to maintain our instruction in GR, we will continue to monitor our effectiveness in GR. I will inform your grade level of the week I will be coming in.
  • A Writing IC will be done in the Spring once you have had training on the IC.


  • If you haven't had a chance to review the FMP presented to the school board recently you might consider doing so.
  • In both options presented, Sequiota would be receiving a renovation. In option 1, it would be an renovation & addition of classrooms. In option 2 it would be a renovation. Please see me if you have specific questions, I will try to answer them.
  • When communicating with parents and community members please do so in a positive manner. We will talk more about this soon once we hear more from the school board on the direction they plan to go.

Blended Learning Pow-Wow Vs. Grade Level Team Meetings

Next Friday we will have grade level team meetings with me. As you are aware, we did these once a month last year. Having Blended Learning Meetings is new to all of us, so please know that we will continue to do what is best for the staff and get input along the way. At this point, we plan to have Blended Learning Meetings twice a month and grade level team meetings once a month (with just me). It helps me to get specific feedback from you in GLTM's and this looks a little different than BL meetings. I think this time is valuable and I don't want to lose this time. Most meetings will not require your full plan time. Christen will be here that Friday and the last Friday of each month to push into classrooms for support.

Blended Learning Pow-Wow will meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month (I will fix this on the calendar).

Grade Level Team Meetings will meet on the day and time specified by you. Please select that day and time using this form:

Cord Confusion

I know there is confusion around all of the "cords" that are being offered/given to you. Christen and I created a document that includes a picture of each cord, the name and it's function. We will also add that form to Canvas under the Blended Learning Pow Wow Button that is now on Canvas. I am working on making our Canvas page better and easier to please be patient if some things are out of place for the time being. It will be done soon! Cord Confusion Form

We have also added some "Quick Fixes" to the form below. Please take a look to see if there is a problem and a quick fix on the form, that may solve a problem you are having!

Quick Fixes or Basic Troubleshooting

Having a problem? Please check this Google form first, & if the answer isn't there you can call IT for a quick fix. If you receive a quick fix please add it to the document for other staff members to see.

Elections Are Upon Us...Please Read The Information Below

As the November 2016 election approaches, please keep in mind these important points about what is legally allowable for the school district and district employees during elections and election campaigns.

  • District employees should not advocate for or against a candidate during times when they should be performing district duties.
  • District resources cannot be used to advocate for or against a candidate. Examples include, but are not limited to, use of district phones, copiers, district email, school mailboxes, etc. If someone receives a campaign message on their district email, no violation has occurred as this cannot be prevented. Those addresses are created to allow the public to communicate with district officials. However, employees cannot use district-provided email, internet or computer resources to forward these messages to other persons.
  • No campaign signs advocating for or against a candidate should be posted in district facilities or on district property.
  • Personal contact information for employees should not be provided to any candidate. This information is considered personnel records.
  • Contact information for parents and students is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). However, there is an exception to FERPA that allows districts to designate some information not generally considered private as “directory information.” By law, directory information can be released unless the parents and students object in writing. In fact, under the Missouri Sunshine Law the district is required to disclose directory information to any person upon request. Request for student list information should be directed to the Executive Director Secondary Learning or the Executive Director of Elementary Learning. See 4.6 Student Lists, Administrative Practice and Procedures, page 17.
  • The district cannot include messages in district-funded publications or mailings, electronic or otherwise, that support or oppose a candidate. Only factual and neutral messages may be shared. For example, promoting the date of the election would be allowed.
  • Candidates may not distribute campaign material at school or district events.


  • Staff members should not advocate for any candidates in class or with students.
  • Staff members should not use student mailing lists to promote a candidate.
  • Staff members should not send home information about candidates with students.
  • Staff members should not wear buttons, stickers or clothing containing information about candidates.

For additional information please review board policies DCB, GBCB, GBL, KI

Email From Matt: These Trunks are AWESOME, if you haven't used them before....

I wanted to inform you about the History Museum on the Square's Educational Trunk Program. The trunks are available to rent out to teachers or a museum guide can come in and present them. These are open to all schools in the Springfield R-12 district. The linked form has each available trunk, along with pricing and rental information. The PBL Classroom Grant would be a way to fund this resource.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the History Museum directly:

Katy Rawlins

Museum Assistant

History Museum on the Square

P.O. Box 2963

Springfield, MO 65801

(417) 831-1976

Next Week:

  • Book Fair
  • Happy Birthday Traci Nelson!


  • Book Fair
  • Staff Meeting 4-5:30 (Alice Training)


  • Book Fair
  • Happy Birthday Laura Mullins!
  • See calendar for C's 3 appointments

  • Book Fair
  • Open House: 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. Dinner provided for staff (Bambino's)
  • Crystal out for Delta Team Meeting 11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


  • Spirit Day!
  • Hat Day!
  • 2nd grade field trip
  • Submit pictures to Google by noon today
  • Assessment Windows close (see Google Calendar)

Ed Camp Springfield-Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday, Sep. 17th, 8am-12:30pm

2814 North Fremont Avenue

Springfield, MO

What is edcamp?

Edcampsgf is a FREE event. It brings together those interesting in learning and sharing more about best practices in education in an unconference format. This format allows the knowledge and interests of those in attendance to lead the conversations of growth. All are welcome to join us for a great day of conversations about solutions on how to build the best classrooms, schools and communities for the future.
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