Miss Jones's Newsletter

February 2016

What we have going on in Room 150...

Thank goodness all the snow and ice has melted away and we can get back to a normal routine in room 150! Remember to always check out our classroom blog http://www.missjoneskindergartenclass.blogspot.com/ for weekly updates and posts of whats going on in our classroom! We have had a lot going on, especially considering we have been out so much for snow and ice days! I couldn't be more proud of my amazing students and am so thankful for each and every one of them!

What we are working on...

Nightly Reading Logs and Weekly Sight Words

Please continue to read every night with students in their reading logs. After every 10 books, students receive a free pizza pass!!! Please also make sure to review sight words every night! These words are so important for students to know and to be able to recognize to build reading fluency!

This month we are working on...


Place Value/Number in Base Ten -

*Compose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and further ones (e.g., using objects or drawings), and record compositions and decompositions using a drawing or equation

*Find the number that makes 10 when added to any number from one to 10 and record the answer with a drawing or equation.

Addition and Subtraction -

*Solve addition and subtraction word problems within 10 (e.g. using objects or drawing to represent problems)

Counting (Orally) –

* Count forward beginning from any given number within the known sequence (Count up to 100)

Representation of Numbers –

* Represent a number of objects between 0 and 20 with a numeral

*Count groups of objects up to 20

*Given a number from one to 20, count out that many objects

Shapes –

* Analyze and compare a variety of 2D and 3D shapes using informal language to describe similarities, differences, component parts (number of sides, vertices's)


*Using Print Concepts when reading stories (Author, Title, Illustrator, where to start reading, direction to read, what a period is, and retelling the story.)

Themes and Central Ideas -

*With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.

*With prompting and support, identify the main topic and retell key details

Research Skills

*With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experience or gather information from provided sources to answer a question

Informational Writing –

*Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory texts in which they name a topic and supply information about it.

***Weekly Topic: Winter animals, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, President’s Day, MLK, and Weather

Phonological Awareness –

*Blend and Segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words.

*Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme (consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC) words.

Phonics & Word Analysis –

*Distinguish between similarly spelled words by identifying the sounds of the letters that differ

Writing Conventions –

*Form regular plural nouns orally by adding /s/ or /es/ (dog, dogs; wish, wishes)

Science/Social Studies


Earth Systems, Structures and Processes

Understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year

Social Studies

Geography and Environmental Literacy

Understand the interaction between humans and the environment

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100th Day of School

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100th day of School!

Monday, February 8th is the 100th day of School! I honestly cannot believe we have already been in school for 100 days! It seems like it was just yesterday we were having Open House and Meet the Teacher! We will be celebrating by doing 100th Day of School Activities all day. Some of these activities include making a necklace with 100 beads, making 100th Day hats, 100th Day Charts and writings about things we would and would not want 100 of, writing about what we would do if we had 100$, drawling what we think we would look like when we are 100, and reading 100th Day of School books!

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Valentines Day Celebration

Our Valentine’s Day Celebration will be FRIDAY, Feb 12th at 1:15 pm. We will be trading Valentines with each other at our celebration. More information about this celebration will be coming home soon, including a list of names of the students in our class. You may start sending the Valentines in anytime that is good for you and I will store them in our room until the day of the celebration, or you can wait until the day of. We will be making mailboxes for our Valentines, so if you have any extra ADULT shoe boxes that you can send in, it would be very appreciated!

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mCLASS Assessments and Mid-Year Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our students will be assessed Mid-February and then I will be setting up Parent/Teacher conferences to discuss how your students performed! I am so excited to see how awesome my students do and can’t wait to share their success with you! Please continue to practice reading with them every night, working on sounding out unknown words and using pictures for clues to unknown words when reading new material!

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Due to all the snow days we will actually begin sending home homework packets TODAY (Monday, Feb. 1st)! We will be sending home a small Homework Pack that will have a total of 4 pages in it. It will usually consist of 2 pages of math work, one page of phonics/word work, and one writing page. The whole pack will be due the following Friday! You can either do 1 page each night for homework or if you need to skip a night you can do so and then do two pages the next night, whatever works best for your family! Students will get the pack on Mondays and they are expected to turn them in on Friday! When they turn their homework in on Fridays, they will get 2 pieces of Honey Money! Thank you so much for working at home with your child on the work we are teaching at school! We couldn't do it with out your help and I really appreciate everything you do at home to help reinforce what we are working on in class!
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Upcoming Events and Dates for November

February 2nd - ACS community forum at Hall Fletcher at 5:30pm

February 2nd - Groundhog Day

February 8th - First Day of After School Arts

February 8th - 100th Day of School

February 8th - Chinese New Year

February 8th - 12th - Bus Driver Appreciation Week

February 12th - Valentine's Day Celebration, 1:15!

February 22nd - Teacher Workday - No School for Students!

February 25th - Tea & Talk with Superintendent Baldwin at Claxton

February 26th - FIELD TRIP to The Hop Ice Cream Creamery and Factory

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100 Books Club

Students who have read at least 100 books for their nightly reading logs get to add their names on the 100 Books Club Poster in our room! Congratulations!!!
We have a couple of students who are very close to joining the 100 Books Club, and we can't wait for you to join!

Holden Jones

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Sight Word Club

Congratulations to these students who have learned all 72 sight words!!! We are so proud of you! We have a couple of students who are very close to joining the sight word club, and we can’t wait for you to join! Knowing all of these words will help tremendously when it comes to reading and reading comprehension!

Sally Fender

Oscar Harvey

Nicholas Steffen

A note from Miss Jones...

Happy February! If you are able to donate any paper towels, tissues, SNACKS, or coffee filters for our classroom we would greatly appreciate it! We are very low, if not out of most of those materials! Also, please continue to work with your students at home on practicing writing their names (using lower case letters and only a capital at the beginning) and tying their shoes! I am looking forward to all the exciting things we have going on this month, remember to always check out our classroom blog and twitter pages for weekly updates!