AIG Updates!

November/December, 2015

Welcome to our new part time AIG Teacher Meghan Sollars!

I am excited to announce that we have a new part time AIG teacher that has joined our Wiley family. Mrs. Sollars and I will be working closely together this year to help enrich all our students at Wiley. She will be shadowing her first few weeks and is looking forward to meeting all of your children.


Student Mindset

In the last newsletter, I gave you some suggestions about ways to praise your children. Now I will challenge you as parents- Do you have a growth mindset? Do you believe that with effort, persistence, and motivation your children can achieve their goals?

Research suggests that we as parents should think twice about praising our kids for being "smart" or "talented," because this could foster a fixed mindset. Instead if we encourage our children's efforts and acknowledge their persistence and hard work, then we will support the development of a growth mindset. Children with a growth mindset believe that with effort and persistence they can learn and achieve in school. A growth mindset will better equip them to persevere and pick themselves up when things do not go their way.

Dr. Carol Dweck, an educational researcher states,

"Parents should not shield their children from challenges, mistakes, and struggles. Instead, parents should teach children to love challenges. They can say things like 'This is hard. What fun!' or 'This is too easy. It's no fun.' They should teach their children to embrace mistakes, 'Oooh, here's an interesting mistake. What should we do next?' And they should teach them to love effort: 'That was a fantastic struggle. You really stuck to it and made great progress" or "This will take a lot of effort -- boy, will it be fun."

Some parents need to work at having a growth mindset. You may even notice that you have a growth mindset in some areas but not others. (I noticed that in myself as both a parent and a teacher.) It takes time and practice, but it is well worth it when you see the difference that it makes in your children!

Three Ways to a Growth Mindset
You Can Learn Anything

4th Grade

Language Arts

Students have been focusing on Non-Fiction Text this quarter. We have worked on understanding and analyzing several short non-fiction texts. This week we have begun introducing them to their animal research project. In class we will focus on the reading research and note taking aspect. With my group I will focus on delving deeper with their research questioning and with them being more detailed. We will be doing this for the rest of 2nd quarter. Students will then take their notes and use them to write their final research project in Ms. Murdick's class starting 3rd quarter.


Students are either currently working on a Road Trip project or a Human Body Math problem solving. In the Road Trip project where they are working independently to calculate mileage and elapsed time while visiting four cities. There are many different possible routes and students are challenged to find the shortest one. Students are asked to create a route and choose transportation options. They then calculate distance travelled, time elapsed, and number of gallons of gas used and the total cost of the gas. In the Human Body Math problem solving students learn some interesting facts about the human body and answer different problem solving questions using the details they learn.

After winter break students will be using the knowledge that they have gained from their animal research project in language arts and use their math knowledge about area, perimeter and angles, as well as the knowledge they gain from their science animal studies unit in order to create a floor plan of a zoo habitat for their animal that they have been researching.

5th Grade

Language Arts

At the end of first quarter 5th grade students worked hard on pitching their campaigns and each core focused on 2 final products that relate to each campaign. Core 1 focused on Education (local and global). Core 2 focused on Refugee's (children and families). Core 3 focused on Water Cleanliness (local and global). The exciting part is that their videos will be used as part of our Spirit Week of Wiley Gives Back next week and the students will see that they can make a difference! Make sure to check out the video links sent home each day! Check out Mrs. Taylor's Wiley World Review

This quarter all the small groups are reading historical fiction books on Children during World War II. The book we are reading as part of my group is Weedflower, which is a book that describes the life of a Japanese girl before/during Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, I only have 6 copies of the book to share with all 3 cores so students are not able to take it home. Several students have had a hard time keeping up with their reading/work. It might help for them to have their own copy of the book. Please remind your student the importance of keeping up with their work and making sure to be complete by the due dates. Sometimes explaining how your job has due dates or deadlines helps them understand the importance of starting now.


Students completed their "What's the Exchange Rate?" project. They created and solved a global word problem and will be presenting them next week in class.

When we return from break the next project will be about World Hunger. Students will explore World Hunger through the use of Math. They will begin by using their knowledge of multiplication/division with decimals/fractions in order to calculate how/if food is distributed evenly around the world.