Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Timers, Scoreboards, Dice and Meters

Below are three free apps that might be handy with end-of-the-year activities, contests and games:

Federal Troops vs. the People a Century Ago

Confrontations between civilians and the government/police are nothing new The Battle of Blair Mountain, for example, was — and still is — the most violent labor confrontation in history, in which union-supporting coal miners fought against local government and a coal company-funded militia, eventually involving the U.S. Army.LInk:

Interactive Decision-Making Simulation

Students pretend it is s the year 2042 and planet earth has been invaded by a powerful alien force. Students pretend they are a passengers on a cruise ship, and along with some other passengers vote not to return home. The captain of the ship takes them to uninhabited island. What do you do next? What decisions need to be made? How will you survive?


Animated Volcano

Volcanoes are awe-inspiring displays of the powerful forces of nature. Use this animated guide to find out how they are formed and what happens in an eruption.


PeaceMaker Game

According to the site:

"PeaceMaker challenges you to succeed as a leader where others have failed. Experience the joy of bringing peace to the Middle East or the agony of plunging the region into disaster. PeaceMaker will test your skills, assumptions, and prior knowledge. Play it and you will never read the news the same way again."


Decision-making Game

After the Storm is an immersive game-based literacy program with wrap-around project-based activities. Students take on the role of editor-in-chief of an online news magazine—The Daily Byte—the day after a major hurricane hits the local community and must work through various challenges of being the boss in a time of crisis.