Come visit earth

"When you visit earth it won't feel like a hearth"


Earth is the planet were all humans originated from. Earth is 12,756.3 km in diameter and has only 1 moon. Earth is sometimes called the 'The Big Blue Marble' because its main color and its large size, the surface of Earth is blue because the water on the surface of the planet earth is the only planet in the solar system it is in with surface water. Earth has 4 main seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Earth has these seasons due to Earth's axis angled rotation which is angled at 23.5 degrees. picture link

More information about Earth

When Earth ( or any other planet) spins around on its axis it is called rotation, when Earth (or any other planet) orbits the Sun (or any other star) it is called Revolution. Most of the passive solar energy on Earth comes from the Sun. The Sun gives off energy from a process called nuclear fusion. If you wondered why the planets every were are round if you want to know why it, is because gravity pulls matter in all directions. Though Earth may be light years away from were you are, have you wondered what light years are, if not light years are the distance light travels in a year. If you were to visit Earth you should bring sunglasses to wear most of the day, if you to visit a cold place you should bring a coat and long sleeved shirts. On Earth we have ponds, lakes, rivers, steams, and oceans to swim and play in. Earth has many delicious varieties of food. Earth has many breath taking views in many different places.

By Anthony J. Almanza