The Human Body Coorparation

The Lymph Nodes: by Everett, Carter, Hunter, and Leo

Keep Your Body safe from infections

We look like a blue germinating bean and are located throughout the body, we help protect the body from pathogens and other destructive entities.

Facts about my department

The immune system protects the body from diseases and other harmful substances. Disorders in our system can cause cancer which we all know is a serious issue. There is a process in order to detect and fight pathogens which includes 4 steps. If this process is defective then you can get Immunodefiency.

Facts about us

There are 500 to 600 of us stationed throughout the body. Whenever we absorb bacteria we swell up. The T-type lymph nodes are trained in the thymus and our B-type lymph nodes are trained in the bone marrow. Lymphedema is the coondition when there are too many of our unit in the interstitial area.

Removing us; Why you shouldn't

The effect of getting rid of us will be that the entire body will be open to infections. If we are removed then the body's ability to fight bacterial infections will drop greatly and may leas to severe infections such as endocarditis or various forms of cancer.

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Our Partners

Our interdependence with the circulatory system includes them helping us get around the body and we protect them in return. The other system that we have an interdependence is the respratory system, in our relation with them we make sure they dont become infected in return for some of the essentials for cell survival.

Who to get rid of

You should fire the appendix because it does nothing other than possibly contract a disease that we help prevent.