second Industrial Revolution

............the work life..................

the work life looked different from rich to poor and the living, work, and the paying conditions where not good plus one was dangrous and the othere is not.
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poor kids working

this kids work on, around, and near dangrous stuff to tools and machines. one slip could make him lose his life and even body parts. they work everyday for 12 hours and get 40 cents at the end of every week.
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the rich kids working

the rich kids are out siding making money a safe, clean, and a healther way comparied to the factory kids. they rich gets paid better and dont have to do much

...............the housing..................

the housing for rich and poor are different because the poor could not get a nice house but the rich was able to so the pics your about to see you will understand the different
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the housing for the poor

the poor conditions are not good because you have a small room, dirt, and no space to walk because there is usually 5 or more in one room.
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the housing for the rich

the housing for the rich had more room and cleaner and they had more rooms then what the others had. they had more area to do stuff in and look better and built better then otheres

...........the living of the childern.............

the living of childern are different because of the money, and work conditions they deal with. the poor kids had really no food and 1 room place that is small and holding 4 or more people and not much room to walk around in. the rich had money so they had rooms and food and able to move around a lot.
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poor kids would look dirty and would sleep outside under stuff or against stuff a like this kids are
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the rick kids had more stuff then the poor did like in the picture this little girl has her own bed and clean clothing and had money to buy nice things compare to poor kids

...............the leisure activities......

which one had more free time the poor or rich and so the poor worked everyday while the rich kids did not have to so much compare to the poor
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the poor had to work everyday for 12 or more hours compare to the rich who did not
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the rich kids had it easy because they are clean and seem happy compared to the poor kids that is dirty have have work 12 hours a day for everyday