Active Faith

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

This is another verse I taught my kids very early. As I studied this verse recently I was led to look up the word Do. Webster defines Do as “Perform”.

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal but failed? Have you ever wanted to do something but didn't believe you could? For me the answer is yes. We've all faced doubt and discouragement. How do you get past negative thoughts when you've failed? I teach my kids to always do their best. If they don’t achieve their expectant end, try again.

Agony of Defeat

My kids inspire me in so many ways. I've been reflecting on my son’s love of basketball. He tried out his school basketball team but didn't make it. I could almost feel his pain. He practiced and did his best. He was so excited the day of tryout, however, his delight was turned into agony in just 24 hours. When he got to school the next day he ran to the list, but his name was nowhere to be found. He was sad and disappointed. I quickly offered words or encouragement. This was a tough lesson for him to learn.

Try Again

My son didn’t want to accept the answer. He went to the coach and asked if there’s anything he could do. Maybe he could be an alternate or tryout again. The coach told him there’s was nothing he could do to make the team this year.

Two days later his response was, I have to “Just Do It”. He got up and said, Mommy, I’m not giving up on basketball. I’m going to practice everyday! I’m going to research and figure out how to become a better basketball player. His determination has given him an appreciation for hard work and to perform at a higher level. He inspired me so much that I felt compelled to get him a new basketball goal to support his effort.


As I watch his endless effort and post this video, I am a proud Mommy. He is a true example of keeping an Active Faith. I’m not sure what the outcome will be for next year basketball season, but I know for certain, he won’t give up.

This is how God wants us to approach our efforts. God doesn't want us to give up. Study the bible, spend time with God and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal his plans for you. Whatever you desire to achieve, perform at your best. If you want to go back to school, start a business, or write a book, whatever you desire to do, don’t give up. We have to keep an Active Faith and Just Do It.

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