Continuing Competency Program (CCP)

and 3-year registry eligibility limit

What is it?

The CCP is mandatory for all Respiratory Therapists that have earned their credentials after July 1st of 2002. The program was designed to contribute and enhance the competence of the credentialed therapist. You must renew your credentials every five years and there are three options to do so:

Option 1- participation in an educational activity directly related to respiratory therapy (ex: lectures, workshops, and seminars)

Option 2- Retake and pass the respective examination for the highest credential held

Option 3- Pass an NBRC credentialing examination not previously completed.

Depending on what credentials you have and how many you have will determine how many CEUs you will need in each subject. Example: for those who only have their RRT credential will need to complete 30 hours of general respiratory care subjects. Those who hold an RRT credential as well as their NPS credential will need to have 15 hours general respiratory care subjects and 15 hours neonatal/pediatric subjects. And if you're just winning at life and hold all of the credentials will need to have 10 hours general respiratory care subjects, 5 hours neonatal/pediatric subjects, 5 hours sleep disorders testing and therapeutic intervention subjects, 5 hours adult critical care subjects, and 5 hours pulmonary function or pulmonary diagnostic technology subjects. For a full list of CEUs needed for each credential please visit :

Failure to complete the renewal of your credentials before the expiration date will result in termination of your credential, the length of time after your expiration date will effect your renewal options. EX: if the expiration date is within 6 months you can go online and enter your CEUs and pay a $250 reinstatement fee.

3 year registry eligibility limit

As of January 1, 2005, new graduates will have three years after graduation to earn the RRT credential. Individuals who do not earn the RRT credential within this time limit will have to retake and pass the TMC Exam at the CRT level to regain eligibility and all other credentials will be dismissed. After they have taken the test and regained eligibility they will have another three years to gain their RRT credential. You must apply as a new candidate and will have to pay all applicable fees to take the TMC Exam and Clinical Simulations.

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