The Dixie Dazzler

Your Monthly Wrap-up!

An Amazing Month to Remember!

November was an amazing month for the Dixie Dazzler Team! We sold over $61,000 as a team! There were numerous promotions and personal goals that were attained! I'm so thankful for all of you! Whether you are a hobbyist, a business builder, or a leader with our team, you are important and we value your efforts and ideas!

December is a short month but can be one of your best! Right now you need to be Booking and Selling (note all the tools such as Military Gratitude Program and Dot Dollars). Don't forget those men that need help with gifts for their ladies!

At the same time, we need to begin building our January calendar. When you reach out to book for December and are told, "I'm too busy", that's a perfect time to secure them a date in January. Why would they want to book in late January? New line, friends ready to get out again, and kids go back to school. Check out your DECEMBER SUCCESS PLAN for a week by week on how to maximize this season and prepare for the next!

November Kudos!

November Top TEN in Sales! (PCV)

  1. Susan Carruth 4709.31
  2. Tonya Snider 2661.6
  3. Sherry Clark 2594.67
  4. Marti Neville 2377.09
  5. Amanda Shaw 2287.64
  6. India Cox 2229.87
  7. Sherry Sawicki 2073.11
  8. Carolyn Barnes 1873.71
  9. Brandy Lemley 1523.21
  10. Tracy Thompson 1235.43


Welcome to our newest stylist! We can't wait to see you soar!

Jean Parks, sponosored by Carolyn Barnes


Congratulations to these New Stylists that have earned Jumpstart!

  • Ronnie Seals $300
  • Mallory Lescenski $450
  • Brittany Faircloth $300
  • Brandy Lemley $150

We are DAZZLED by....