Side Effects

By: Amy Goldman King


Izzy is a young teenager living a normal life with her family and her friends. One day Izzy wasn't feeling well and went to the hospital. When she went to the hospital and got some tests done and found out she has cancer. The hospital sent her to the childrens hospital so that she could start getting treatments done. Izzy and her best friend Kay, skipped school and went to the beach. There is a girl named Amanda that Izzy doesnt even know, and she is crying all the time because of the whole cancer situation, just to get attention. When Izzy goes back to school she gets treated different.

Why someone should read this book

If you do read this book, you need to be mature about it because it's not a funny situation and it swears a lot! You should read this book because it teaches you a lesson on how, just because people are different, you don't need to treat them different.